FACTS #16 – Human Existence – YOUR life is supposed to be difficult

We can agree…

  1. Life is supposed to be difficult.  The moment you accept that premise, your life will start getting easier.
  2. Life is more about perceptions than reality.  For example, the most despondent individual in the most dire situation living in the United States could be considered (perception) better off than the most fortunate person living in Africa.  Furthermore, one of the richest people in the United States could perceive their life to be much more difficult than a person living homeless on the street.
  3. In every case, the fact that you are “alive” at all, means there’s little room for complaint.
  4. Difficulty in life is what helps your spirit grow.  That’s ALPOW’s design.
  5. To spend any part of your human existence disenchanted, or worse actually complaining about the terms of your existence, is a dereliction of duty. First, accepting that human existence is supposed to be challenging, and second that you have an innate obligation to grow physically and spiritually through self-sufficiency.
  6. Complaining about your life is a travesty of justice for those that have more difficult lives yet cherish their opportunity for life itself.
  7. If you live in the USA, because it is the land of opportunity BY FAR, you have absolutely NOTHING to complain about because you are lucky to be here in the first place.
  8. ALPOW’s plan includes trials and tribulations.
  9. Accept life on life’s terms.  It’ supposed to be difficult and the moment you accept that, you life will start becoming less difficult.
  10. … Add to this platform with your opinion below…