FFACT #2 – The WILF: ‘Willfully Ignorant Lost Foe’

We can agree…

  1. WILF:  This is an acronym for “Willfully Ignorant Lost Foes”.
  2.  Someone that does NOT have the conviction in their beliefs to sign-up and comment on the FFACTS.
  3. There is zero obligation on behalf of human beings to be religiously, politically, or socially inclined.  However, if you are not inclined enough to at least try to become  inclined, that means you are WILLFULLY IGNORANT which means you are inclined to be LOST.If you are lost and decide to spout your ignorant (uninformed) opinion, you are now an obstacle to protecting the future of the American children and a FOE of the FFACTS.
  4. If YOU think you are right about what’s best for America’s future, then show some conviction and sign-up to comment on the FFACTS.  If not, YOU are a WILF so please shut up and don’t vote.  Leave the future of America to those of us who care.
  5. All of YOU that are inclined to rationally find solutions to America’s future are important in establishing the FFACTS.  We welcome YOUR wisdom, no matter what party you might affiliate yourself with –
  6. To encourage a WILF to vote is nothing but self-serving.  Voting is a right, not an obligation.  The future of our great nation should be decided by those who are informed, not by those who are not –
  7. WILF is a great acronym.  It is important to be able to ‘label’ those that have a lot to say but really don’t understand or who’s visions are diluted by media bias. 
  8. … Add to this platform with your opinion below…