White privilege

News Flash: None of us were created equal and life was not intended to be fair. And “equal opportunity” is contrived human dogma. If equal opportunity was God’s intent, we all would have been created like rows of droids. The question is not why God intended each life to be unique, that some would have privilege and others would not, but what’s the best means to rectify the perceived injustice.

1. Empower government bureaucrats to mandate fairness and manipulate our lives from Washington DC.
2. Remove government and allow the compassion and innovation of the American people to create opportunities for each other to succeed..

How do we explain those born without privilege that still succeed, and those born with privilege that still fail? It’s simple, regardless of our plight, in America, we still control our own destiny.

Look around the world. Now only government is privileged in socialist Venezuela and now, none of the Venezuelan people get to succeed.

Keep the faith! 🙂