FACTS #22 – US Foreign Policy – US has a moral obligation to free other human spirits

We can agree…

  1. The USA must intervene to free enslaved spirits around the world because the USA is ALPOW’s gift to humanity. Sure it would be nice to circle the tanks around our border and just protect ourselves.  We could set up missile defenses on the coastline, place the Navy off our beaches, the Marines on the southern border, and have the Air Force patrol our skies.  Now we’ve guarantee the United States remains safe and the rest of the world can slug it out. Unfortunately there’s still a problem.  Evil.
  2. Without American protection, evil selfishness will overtake the rest of the world in months, if not weeks or days.
  3. As the only exceptional country in the world, we have a moral obligation to keep other nations free and to support those spirits longing to be free.
  4. How do we define American imperialism?  First we need to understand what “imperialism” is.  Wikipedia: “a policy of extending a country’s power and influence through diplomacy or military force”.  American imperialism is to demand our freedom philosophy on other nations.
  5. America’s stated, perceived, and actual goal should always be “to free human spirits”.  American imperialism will be welcomed by human spirits all over the world.
  6. American imperialism will be opposed ONLY by GOVERNMENTS that want to keep spirits enslaved.
  7. America is the Alpha and Omega of freedom.  In spite of the critics and certain faults, America is ALPOW’s gift to humanity.
  8. … Add to this platform with your opinion below…