Can Trump, a man so reviled and
detested by the corrupt Fake News Media,
actually be rightous and worthy
of our support?

Answer:   Absolutely. Given the political battle in America is now irrefutably between Trump’s freedom-protecting supporters vs. The Fake News Media, Deep-State and their big-government supporters, unquestionably Trump is rightous regardless of his warts. In FACT, it’s despicably selfish for any Trump supporter to sitback in the comfort of our recliners and criticize the manner in which Donald J. Trump “fights-back” against the corrupt Fake New Media when he’s the one taking punches from these leftist demons on our behalf.

Why’s that? It’s simple. The political war has always been, and will always be, a battle between the government and the governed. Trump just forced us all to pick a side. You get that?

We are ALL either 100% for Trump, or we are 100% for Government! Period! There is no middle ground. The most pathetic cowards in America claim to support Trump but then question his integrity, his tact, and his tweets. Talk about an embarrassing degree of pseudo-sanctimony!

Is that you? If so, what have you done to contribute to the cause? Have you taken any punches thrown by these demons? How would any of us have the audacity to criticize our warrior in the battle front when we don’t have the gonads to take the slings and arrows ourselves.

There is not better way to support the Fake News Media and the corrupt Deep-State then to criticize Trump from our recliners. Simply pathetic.

Below: Selfish leftist media hacks attacking Trump and the people who support him.

Finding Answers that Confirm
Truth about Selfishness

The War: Trump vs. Fake New Media, Leftists, Republican Establishment, and the WILFs!
FACT! Today, the political battle in America is now irrefutably between Trump and his less-government supporters vs. the diaboical Fake News Media, demonic leftists, RINOS, and their selfish, socialism-supporting liberal WILFs. Join the FACTS Rebellion!
What’s the FACTS Rebellion?
A coordination of ALL freedom-protecting Trump supporters to agree and adhere to ONE single FACTS narrative:
“Anyone, regardless of color, crotch, or creed, who apposes the Trump agenda to “Drain the Corrupt Washington Swamp” is diabolically selfish and an imminent danger to individual freedom in America and around the world”
With a coordinated, consistent, adherence to this single FACTS narrative, we can supersede the deceptive Fake News narrative, pigeon-hole the corrupt Republican Never-Trumpers, and guarantee a Trump victory in 2020!
Join the FACTS Rebellion today!

Do you believe that selfish government is the cause of America’s problems, not the solution? Then please contribute to the FACTS Today!

Why would anyone continue to donate money to Washington-establishment Republican political-hacks like Mitt Romney & the Never-Trumpers? Didn’t they capitulate to leftists (Hillary locked up yet?) while amassing $22 trillion in debt for our children?

The FACTS for Trump 2020!

Should I contribute to the FACTS?
Contributing to the FACTS is not about charity. We are not tax-exempt. Today, we are a small group of dedicated patriots that have committed our livelihood to fighting for American liberty and assisting Donald Trump.
The FACTS is a mission, a mission to expose liberal selfishness and return America to the taxpaying people. But that’s not all…
  1. Jobs – It’s about creating jobs. (For every $3,000/month donated, we hire another patriot to work full-time exposing liberal selfishness)
  2. Facing Evil – It’s about saving this country from diabolically selfish leftists like Hillary Clinton and her DNC cronies.
  3. Trump – It’s about taking-off-the-gloves to fight for the first president since Ronald Reagan to truly champion the American people, at the expense and demise of the corrupt Washington Establishment.
  4. Fake News – It’s about exposing an evil Fake News Media that have insidiously abused the privilege of disseminating information for the American public.
  5. America – It’s about the American dream, and how corrupt government destroys that dream. It’s about America the beautiful, the last bastion of freedom, the world’s envy, and how she’s under attack by hateful leftists supported by an army of pseudo-sanctimonious liberal WILFS.
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