Are there human beings anywhere on planet earth more evil than the hate-filled American leftist?

Answer:   No. One would think the designation of “most evil” would be reserved for communists, dictators, and the mass-murders of the world, right? Not so anymore. The American leftists are the most evil human beings on plant earth because they clandestinely occupy the Fake News Media using that platform to selfishly deceive in order to gain more government control the last bastion of true freedom in the world… America.

“Evil manifests itself on planet earth through human selfishness.”
Below: The most evil/selfish leftist demons on earth. 

#1 Bill Maher – Leftist Credentials: 
1. Rich-liberal-Hypocrite: Made his millions with capitalism, but now thinks socialism is best for the rest of us.
2. Fake News Media – Card-carrying member.
3. Sanctimonious – This guy thinks he’s compassionate but has one answer for the world’s tribulations; more government. This repugnant prick doesn’t have one self-deprecating bone in his body. From his atheist spiritual beliefs to his communist economic delusions, Bill is just your typical selfish unlikable ass-hole. His HBO show is only popular because everyone loves the watch the village idiot embarrass himself.

#2 Mark Zuckerberg – Leftist Credentials: 
1. Rich-liberal-Hypocrite: Made his billions with capitalism, but now thinks socialism is best for the rest of us.
2. Fake News Media – Has partnered with the corruption to limit free speech.
3. Sanctimonious – Decided he will be the arbiter of the first amendment. Once the people of America made him rich, he decided to go bedside with the corruption of banks and the Deep State. Facebook is a wiki that the people of America built. All Zuckerberg did was surround himself with people much smarter than him, so he can drive his brinks truck to the bank each day. The audacity of this schlep to think he should arbitrate free speech in the country is simply sickening.

#3 Billary Clinton – Leftist Credentials: 
1. Rich-liberal-Hypocrites: Made their billions with capitalism, but now thinks socialism is best for the rest of us
2. Fake News Media – Has partnered with the corruption to limit free speech.
3. Sanctimonious – Arguably, Washington became the cesspool swamp because of the evil influence of the most corrupt politicians ever to enter the national stage.

#4 Shepard Smith – Leftist Credentials: 
1. Rich-liberal-Hypocrites: Made his millions with capitalism, now hates Trump so bad, he sides with socialists rather than his own principles.
2. Fake News Media – Card-carrying member.
3. Sanctimonious – This prick is so concerned about being popular at Manhattan cocktail parties that he polluted the seemingly objective, Fox News, with Fake News liberal propaganda.

#5 George Soros – Leftist Credentials: Joined the NAZIs to steal from his fellow Jews!!!!
1. Rich-liberal-Hypocrites: Made his billions with capitalism, but now thinks socialism is best for the rest of us
2. Fake News Media – He funds the most corrupt media outlets in the world.
3. Sanctimonious – Pure unadulterated evil. This man has probably funded more hate groups and leftist zealots than the DNC.

Finding Answers that Confirm
Truth about Selfishness

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  5. America – It’s about the American dream, and how corrupt government destroys that dream. It’s about America the beautiful, the last bastion of freedom, the world’s envy, and how she’s under attack by hateful leftists supported by an army of pseudo-sanctimonious liberal WILFS.
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