Is the corrupt Fake News Media the #1 enemy of the American people?

Answer:  Yes. Here’s why: It all illustrated to perfection in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”. For the WILFs that have not read it, this brilliant book depicts a farm where unwitting animals (WILFs) put their trust in other pseudo-sanctimonious animals (the liberals) believing they are acting in the farm’s best interest. As time progresses, the leaders (leftist) slowly manipulate the narrative (Fake News Media) to ultimately deceive the unwitting animals (delusion) into giving away their freedom.

When those that have been privileged with the responsibility of disseminating information to the pubic, I.e. control the narrative, become corrupt themselves (selfishness), they become the #1 enemy of the people (the farm animals).

This is why we need the FACTS Rhetorical Rebellion, to take back the narrative from a corrupt Fake News Media. Bernie Sanders, Elisabeth Warren, and the other socialists get to lie and cheat the people, they’re politicians, they don’t claim “objectivity” so most people know they’re frauds.

On the other hand, the Fake News Media doesn’t get to lie. It’s despicable. There’s nothing more despicable in America than a journalist/reporter with an agenda. These people have been PRIVLEDGED with the responsibility of disseminating information for the American people and to betray that trust is simply unacceptable. So, as Trump would say, “They’re Fired!”.

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“Evil manifests itself on planet earth through human selfishness.”
Below: The top enemies of the American people.

#1 The Fake News Media: The media has been liberally biased since the days of Rather, Brokaw, and Jennings. Today, it’s 100% corrupt with selfishness. The liberal media, CNN, MS(NBC), ABC, CBS, Washington Post, New York Times, etc. all control the DemonicRats (Democrats) because it drives the Fake News narrative. Reporters with liberal bias are NOT journalists, they’re frauds. The Fake New Media is filled with frauds. Other than the willingness to mass murder, the Fake News of Joseph Goebbels is on par for these selfish people.

#2 The Republican Party RINO: The “RepubliCons” (Republicans) have deceived their voters for decades. Just like the “DemonicRats” (Democrats), they’re inherently corrupt. Example: Any money raised by elected officials is given to the RNC or DNC. That money then determines what committee appointment that official will receive. This means if Wells Fargo gives me $1 million, I get appointed to the finance committee. The Republican RINO is 100% corrupt and has NEVER had the intention of limiting the size and scope of government. Total fraud.

#3 The Banks: How on God’s green earth did we get the World Bank, the Federal Reserve, and Banks that can charge us outrageous interest rates to borrow our own (the peoples) money? From home mortgages, college loans, car loans, credit cards, etc. the people are enslaved by the banks as they destroy our “pursuit of happiness”. Big Deep-State government bailed out the banks (with tax payer money), now we need to bail out the people by banning amortization. Don’t want to borrow us our own money without amortization? Watch your bank fail this time without a bailout.

#4 American Feminists: These are the most privileged women in the world, yet they complain the loudest. Never have they come to the defense of one conservative women. The plight of Muslim women, they’re shamelessly quiet. This selfish movement is NOT about women, it’s about growing government and power for liberals. In America financially, women are on the same playing field as men because you (for the time being) still have the freedom to get a different job. I am a white, short, fat, bald man and there are many women that make more than I do, doing the same work.

#5 The Dependency Party: The Democratic party has been clandestine about their Socialist desires until our boy Bernie Sanders exposed them for good. However, they have been obvious in their desire to create government dependencies within the poor. Since they founded the KKK and apposed civil rights, this selfish bunch has always been adamant about abridging our inalienable rights.

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The War: Trump vs. Fake New Media, Leftists, Republican Establishment, and the WILFs!
FACT! Today, the political battle in America is now irrefutably between Trump and his less-government supporters vs. the diaboical Fake News Media, demonic leftists, RINOS, and their selfish, socialism-supporting liberal WILFs. Join the FACTS Rebellion!
What’s the FACTS Rebellion?
A coordination of ALL freedom-protecting Trump supporters to agree and adhere to ONE single FACTS narrative:
“Anyone, regardless of color, crotch, or creed, who apposes the Trump agenda to “Drain the Corrupt Washington Swamp” is diabolically selfish and an imminent danger to individual freedom in America and around the world”
With a coordinated, consistent, adherence to this single FACTS narrative, we can supersede the deceptive Fake News narrative, pigeon-hole the corrupt Republican Never-Trumpers, and guarantee a Trump victory in 2020!
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Contributing to the FACTS is not about charity. We are not tax-exempt. Today, we are a small group of dedicated patriots that have committed our livelihood to fighting for American liberty and assisting Donald Trump.
The FACTS is a mission, a mission to expose liberal selfishness and return America to the taxpaying people. But that’s not all…
  1. Jobs – It’s about creating jobs. (For every $3,000/month donated, we hire another patriot to work full-time exposing liberal selfishness)
  2. Facing Evil – It’s about saving this country from diabolically selfish leftists like Hillary Clinton and her DNC cronies.
  3. Trump – It’s about taking-off-the-gloves to fight for the first president since Ronald Reagan to truly champion the American people, at the expense and demise of the corrupt Washington Establishment.
  4. Fake News – It’s about exposing an evil Fake News Media that have insidiously abused the privilege of disseminating information for the American public.
  5. America – It’s about the American dream, and how corrupt government destroys that dream. It’s about America the beautiful, the last bastion of freedom, the world’s envy, and how she’s under attack by hateful leftists supported by an army of pseudo-sanctimonious liberal WILFS.
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