FACTS #12 – There is a spiritual battle between GOOD and EVIL

We can agree…

  1. Our spirit is simple energy. This energy is positive (love) or negative (fear) depending that spirit’s degree of selfishness.
  2. This spiritual reality creates a living, tangible, consequential meaning to our existence.
  3. A fixture within the meaning of life is that there is an innate battle between good and evil for our spirit, and to which our spirit ultimately succumbs…
  4. On one side, good (or God) is all that is positive, light, love and freedom. On the other side, evil (or Devil) is all that is negative, dark, fear and enslavement.
  5. Evil, which is always stymied by good, is only present in human existence because of an ALPOW design to give human beings a free-will. Though stymied, evil is in a constant state of encroachment to our spirits.
  6. It is important to understand that even though ALPOW is the source of all light, all darkness does not represent evil.
  7. There is selfishness with an absence of malice, for example,  sorrow, misfortune, despair, etc.  This is an absence of light (ALPOW) that leads to the permeation of darkness and evil.
  8. We need to understand that evil is cloaked in all selfishness, only ALPOW’s light (positive energy) can distinguish and free those selfish spirits truly in need.  The selfishness of evil will certainly perish.
  9. ALPOW gives use free-will and there is a consequential meaning to our human existence.
  10. … Add to this platform with your opinion below…