FACTS #10 – The words in the Old Testament cannot be disputed

We can agree…

  1. The bible is a historical document written by men but divinely inspired by ALPOW.
  2. The actual words can not be disputed but the interpretation of those words by humans can be.
  3. ALPOW’s plan was for human existence to provide the grace of free-will and for us to methodically discover the meaning of life. ¬†For that reason, the words of the bible are not written for human beings to completely comprehend but rather as a puzzle that must be assembled.
  4. It is a sacred document that holds the power to transform the consciousness of the spirit from the natural world to the supernatural world the moment it is opened.
  5. The word of ALPOW cannot be disputed. However, the human interpretation of that word can be.
  6. Just as a complete understanding of the meaning of life cannot be fully understood, nor can the word of ALPOW.
  7. It is presumptuous and arrogant to believe that the Old Testament is not the word of ALPOW and, moreover, that you could possibly completely comprehend its true meaning.
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