FACTS #30 – The United States is BY FAR the land of opportunity

We can agree…

  1. The United States is the best country in the history of the world.  The most unfortunate… downtrodden… discriminated… oppressed… (insert any other adjective here)… citizen in the United States is STILL one of the luckiest son-of-a-bitches to walk the face of ALPOW’s green the earth.  Why?  You’re in America!  The land of opportunity!
  2. Every situation, no matter how unfortunate, can be rectified.
  3. Every person, no matter how downtrodden, can improve their life.
  4. All discrimination, now matter how egregious, can be overcome.
  5. All oppression, even that of government, can be eliminated.
  6. Only in America is this ever more true.  Because America is indeed, by far, the land of opportunity and the only real insurmountable obstacle is yourself.
  7. … Add to this platform with your opinion below…