FACTS #34 – The Private Sector carries the Public Sector’s backpack

We can agree…

  • The Private Sector is the hero in America. The fiscal reality in the United States is that the Private Sector carries the Public Sector.  The Private Sector pays the Public Sector’s bills, it feeds and educates its children, it buys its home, it pays its taxes, it provides its healthcare, etc. The Private Sector carries the Public Sector.Here’s a perfect analogy. The Public Sector is the “backpack” and the Private Sector is the “hiker”.  The Private Sector carries the Public Sector’s heavy load up a mountain so aptly called “Obligation to create economic growth, wealth, and prosperity for all”.
  • All government jobs, however important (e.g., soldiers, teachers, police, safety net workers, streets, etc.), are weight for the Private Sector to carry.  The Private Sector gets that there is need for some government obligations and is more than happy to pay for (and carry the load for) it.  The problem is the thousands of $250,000 attorneys on retainer, the bloated pensions of washed up politicians, other arguably needless public employees, and the countless other government programs (weight) the Dependency Party believes are worthy.
  • The Private Sector is spending too much money on taxes instead of on the growth of their businesses, which would create more and better jobs in the economy.  This weight is crushing the hiker and thus the economy.  It’s not a sustainable model for the country.
  •  To lighten the backpack load, which means more prosperity for more Americans, you need to move dependents (jobs) from the Public Sector to the Private Sector.  This strengthens/empowers the hiker while lightening the load of the weight he’s carrying, a win-win situation, if you’re the hiker!
  • To employ more Public Sector people in the Private Sector, the government needs to “get off the back” of private businesses and let them compete without a bunch of bureaucrat’s hands in their pocket.
  • Right now, over 30 million Americans are employed by government; that’s almost 10% of the population riding in the backpack.  Over half of the US population gets some form of government check.  That’s one hell of a backpack for the Private Sector to carry up the mountain of creating prosperity for all.
  • There is money in the Private Sector for everyone who is willing to carry their weight.  And that means we all have extra money for the needy.  We just need to get the Public Sector Backpack smaller.
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