Are liberals WILFs?

Answer:   That depends. Have they read George Orwell’s books “Animal Farm” and “1984”? Those that have read and understand the ominous warning within these books, yet still support the Liberal Ideology, are called “leftists”. These people present the most dangerous type of evil selfishness on planet earth because they take other’s freedom in order to empower themselves.

Those that have not read these books, or fail to understand the inherent dangers illustrated within, are called WILFS. They are willfully ignorant and know absolutely NOTHING about the dangers of a fake narrative. Thus they know nothing about politics and the true essence of the debate.

A glaring conundrum with the WILF is that most of these people have insufferable, pseudo-sanctimonious, unsubstantiated opinions and believe adamantly that they are correct in their beliefs. They’ve never read Orwell’s books, or did do long ago and don’t remember the message, the insidious manipulation that lurks within a Fake News narrative, yet, in spite of their detrimental cognitive dissonance, they shall always rightfully remain our friends.

For Jesus said “Forgive them almighty God, for they know not what they do”.

There are two types of American liberals:

1. The leftist – A leftist is diabolically selfish. They use something called contrived-compassion (fake concern) to institute coerced-collectivism (abridgement of freedom of choice) by way of government mandate to empower and enrich themselves. They’re no different than communists, socialists, and dictators around the world, they just use America’s benevolence to mask their sinister intent. Pure evil selfishness.

2. The WILF (Willfully Ignorant Lost Friend) – Most of these liberal folks don’t even understand the meaning of “leftist”. They blindly follow with pure emotion thinking they have “concern for others” as they support selfish leftists who clearly demonstrate “concern for government power” while destroying susceptible lives around the world.

20 question quiz for liberals:

Let’s ask ourselves these questions to see if we agree that liberalism is selfish:
  1. Selfishness – Would it not be selfish that we would be so confident, adamant, and complacent in our own liberal perception of reality as to predetermine that the rest of the questions in this quiz are unworthy of our consideration?
  2. Taxes – Would it not be selfish for us to coerce others pay more in taxes, when there is an irrefutable abuse of government spending, and it’s hypocritical that we would never just agree to pay more in taxes by ourselves (like we recycle when others don’t)?
  3. Separation of church and state – Would it not be selfish for us to demand that Atheism (which is not an “absence of belief” but rather a belief that “those that believe in God are wrong”) would be used as grounds for “separation of church and state” thus making the Atheist philosophy the enforced religion of the state?
  4. Big Government – Would it not be selfish to demand that authoritative government (not just ours but all governments are authoritative, that’s the nature and purpose of government) be our only considered means of solving the world’s problems?
  5. Corruption – Would it not be selfish to demand that the bureaucratic state (when all government bureaucracies historically have an atrocious record of ineptitude, inefficiency, and a lack of accountability), without alternative consideration, be the apparatus or vehicle by which we rely to correct the wrongs in the world?
  6. Media – Would it not be selfish not to acknowledge that a media, that irrefutably embraced and coddled the leftist philosophy of Obama, yet has displayed nothing but disdain and resentment for the conservative philosophy of Trump, is indeed, without exception, liberally biased?
  7. Illegal Immigration – Would it not be selfish to demand that illegal immigration (cutting in line) be tolerated and even encouraged as apposed to restricting it while widening the doors to legal immigration?
  8. Women’s Rights – Would it not be selfish to claim one is for women’s rights when that excludes all women that do not support a liberal agenda?
  9. Abortion – Would it not be selfish to claim “pro choice” when that choice must exclude adoption, and to demand public funding of Plan Parenthood of which has been proven to have nothing to do with “planning for parenthood” but rather, by the words of it’s own executives, is and abortion machine that will sell aborted fetuses for money, all while claiming to protect a women’s right to choose?
  10. Academia – Would it not be selfish to demand funding of a public school system that stymies objectivity with a liberal indoctrination that is protected by a corrupt “tenured” process that is proven to produce complacency rather than accountability?
  11. Big Business – Would it not be selfish not to admit that big businesses, a previous villain of liberals, are now owned, managed, and staffed with liberals. And that the biggest of them all, I.e. Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, and most others are taking steps to curtail conservative voices?
  12. Government Employee – Would it not be selfish to fight for the rights and protection of a government employee, who after 20 years can retire with a full pension rather then the taxpayer without the guaranteed pension, who after 39 years of paying taxes, can still be jailed for tax evasion?
  13. Social Security – Would it not be selfish to support an protect a government establishment that has squandered the social security savings of millions of Americans using the money to pay themselves?
  14. Platform – Would it not be selfish to demand and promote a liberal political platform that promises “others will pay for what you can have for free” as apposed to a conservative platform that cautions “we are all required to work or contribute for what we shall take”?
  15. Fairness – Would it not be selfish to demand that your vision of fairness be adopted even at the cost of freedom to others?
  16. Welfare – Would it not be selfish to encourage a welfare state that has failed its inhabitants for decades and created government dependencies that has destroyed their hope?
  17. Government Pensions – Would it not be selfish to demand government pension plans where over 50% of the government’s budget and over 50% of the national debt goes to retired government employees, most of who are still young enough to work and most of which do not need the money?
  18. The Deep State – Would it not be selfish to deny the existence of a deep-state (career government employees, politicians, both Republican and Democrat), to demand that it doesn’t exist, in order to protect a Washington establishment that would be above the law in protecting their own self-interest?
  19. Racism – Would it not be selfish to call someone a racist (the most defamatory of all allegations) based on something they said, rather than the behavior they’ve exhibited towards minorities throughout the course of their life?
  20. Socialism – Would it not be selfish to coerce the United States into a political ideology that history proves will fail, that is explicitly prohibited by the US Constitution, that encroaches freedoms with the false promise of fairness, and that most Americans are naive to its perils?
YOU – Would it not be selfish for you, the reader of this information, to not share this quiz right now so that every American might have to chance to understand the irrefutable selfishness of the American liberal?

Finding Answers that Confirm
Truth about Selfishness

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