Teachers with guns? A civil debate…

Teachers with guns?

Jeff Bruggink I’ve been a public school teacher for 33 years. I don’t want/need no stinkin’ gun.

Matt Tronnier Understood Jeff. My guess is that most teachers wouldn’t want to cary guns either. It’s nice though that the topic has at least entered the debate.

For the 1st Amendment to survive, we need the 2nd Amendment. The founding fathers recognized that reality. Deep state DemonicRATS and Republicans can not be trusted. Because we need guns to protect freedom from Washington establishment rats, there will always be guns. So we need to explore all options.

One option, is to arm the good guys so they can kill the bad guys. Rather than arming teachers, it seems a better route is that a school with hundreds of kids might have some sort of armed security guard. You know… like all other big public events.

Keep the faith! 🙂

Megan Burns Yeah so nice that the topic has entered the debate so it can be IMMEDIATELY RULED OUT as a possible viable solution 🙂

Matt Tronnier And what step would you take to solve the problem miss Megan Burns? 🙂 If we ban the semi-automatic guns are we sure the drug smugglers will cooperate?

Megan Burns Oh man you’re so right, that thought didn’t even cross my mind! They’re smugglers, so they deal in illegal activity, which means man, they probably won’t cooperate. We best not try anything, then. Let’s just keep things the way they are. Fingers crossed, hope my pops, teacher friends, and all my sweet cousins stay safe!

Megan Burns As far as steps I’d offer to take, I wish I were more educated all-around (as in, on BOTH rat-infested sides of the issue) to offer those, but I try not to debate where I’ve not done my due diligence 🙂 though I can’t imagine MORE GUNS would solve the problem. Forgive my parental bias, but that “math” doesn’t add up!

Matt Tronnier Megalu. “Best we not try anything”? I see the sarcasm but Sydney’s original post was to do “something”. So, no one is proposing we do nothing. You just disagree with the proposal so we agree to disagree. 🙂

It’s a passionate debate but what’s frustrating to me is there seems only one proposal that Deep-State Supporters are willing to consider… ban the guns. Even though banning the guns makes sense as a “feel good about myself” illusion of a fix (criminals still have them and more importantly, hand guns that single women conceal and carry to protect themselves are semi-automatic like the AK 15), it’s prohibited by our constitution. And prohibited for good reason. You are correct, those RATS are on both sides and they’re called the deep-state.

Keep the faith my beautiful friend 🙂

Megan Burns None of this makes me “feel good about myself” – makes me quite sick all around that we’ve gotten here!

Megan Burns And I suppose I thought you were looking for a sarcastic answer, because it just seemed like the wrong question to be asking! (Why is anything illegal if people will do it anyway?) But, I’ll give a non-sarcastic answer then. From the albeit limited research I’ve done on them, I just really don’t see a positive, reasonable, legitimate reason for semi-automatic guns to exist in civilian life. So why not make them illegal for civilian ownership? If a criminal would like to be a criminal and work the system, they’ll pay the consequences if they’re found out, just like they do now. And while I have no interest, I understand that some folks get a thrill out of firing those bad boys (we can’t all have watercolor painting as a hobby I suppose hahaha), so license gun ranges (and renew those licenses annually) where they can do so! Binary thinking is the enemy of creativity!

Matt Tronnier In theory it makes sense to ban semi-automatic guns. I completely agree with you, as do most Americans. However, if you look at that premise of banning guns a little closer, it’s just not feasible.

Semi-automatic guns look like the AR15, they look like hunting rifles, and most hand-guns are semi-automatic (meaning more than one bullet available, like a revolver in the old west). They are all semi-automatic. The clerk behind the register uses a semi-automatic hand gun to protect himself during a robbery. So do we ban semi-automatic guns or just those that look like the AR15?

Megan, I promise you that we would ALL support banning guns if it was feasible.

The reason that I call banning guns a “feel good about myself” proposition is because deep-state gun control proponents refuse to consider the ramifications. They just propose the easiest, most thoughtless path, which is to just ban the guns. They do this with complete disregard for the variables and ramifications which go way beyond preventing school shootings.

There’s so much more to the discussion which is why at the outset I said I was glad the idea of teachers with guns, whether a good idea or bad, was part of the debate. Usually variables like that are never part of this all important debate.

Keep the faith my friend 🙂

Megan Burns All semi-auto (I know what they are.) But shouldn’t we try? Here’s something: https://www.facebook.com/dickssportinggoods/posts/10155335308876447

Megan Burns Couldn’t the same be said on “your side” of things (here we go again with the binary, non-creative, non-compromising thinking… we vs. they polarization is so heartbreaking, Uncle Matt!)? That arming teachers is a “feel good about myself” solution? I think so. “Just arming teachers” equally disregards the variables and ramifications which go way beyond preventing school shootings. No?

Megan Burns I totally agree that there is A LOT to the discussion… but the next school shooting will come around if WE + THEY don’t work together, get creative, compromise, and understand that we’ve got ONE agenda to get behind, together. Other developed nations have figured it out, I think it’s entirely feasible we can too!

Matt Tronnier Agreed Megalu. We are divided. And that is a tenant of Saul Alinsky “rules for radicals” socialist doctrine… divide the American people against each other. It’s called “identity politics”.

Now, I’m not proposing they just arm teachers. In fact, If you look at the genesis of this discussion, I said I’m just glad there’s something new entering the discussion rather than just banning guns. Insinuation and demagoging is are big reasons the debate never leads to a solution.

A sensible compromise would be:

1. Severely restrict high capacity magazines, bump stocks, and other items that enable rapid fire (banning semi-automatic guns is not feasible as described above).
2. Free up schools to choose. Let teachers that desire to be armed do so and/or add armed security. This way schools have the freedom to protect themselves as they perceive the treat.
3. Create tax free business opportunities in the private sector for companies like alcohol treatment centers to care for the disturbed or mentally ill.
4. Hold law enforcement and the FBI accountable to act accordingly when they recognize a potential threat.

I assure you of this. This is a simple compromise that could be done in a day if it wasn’t for the corruption in the Washington deep-state. No words are truer than those spoken by Ronald Reagan “government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

Very fun discussion. You’re a smart cookie! Keep the faith my beautiful friend 🙂

Megan Burns Now we’re getting somewhere! 🙂 And I apologize for insinuating arming your kiddos teachers was part of your solution — context clues, etc. etc. but that’s my bad! For the record I, too said I was glad it entered the debate 😉 I appreciate the thoughtfulness of your compromises as well. I still think it’s totally feasible haha. We’re pretty amazing if/when we want to be! It’d take hard work, sacrifice, and resources… and I can definitely understand your concern!

The narrative of the folks saying “my individual right to bear arms (side note: did you know the 2nd amendment has only been interpreted as referring to individual rights since D.C. vs Heller 2008? I didn’t know that!) is less important than kids feeling safe at school” gives me hope that we’re not too far gone. That we’re not too passionate about and committed to our individual rights to serve and sacrifice for another. We have this really great Teacher who promises the way of service and sacrifice works 🙂

Agree that regulations need a MAJOR step up. It’s gotta be costly (time, energy, resources) to get your hands on anything. I think it can work though, because if we’re so desperate to keep our guns, surely that level of desperation could survive adhering to ANY regulations put in place to ensure the safety of our people? Say I desperately desired to own a gun; I could (SHOULD) at least equally desperately desire the safety of my community and communities across my country. Background checks, interviews, safety classes, fees, storage stipulations, waiting periods – to turn the argument “people will still find their way to get their hands on one” on it’s head, if I’m that desperate to get my hands on a gun, you bet your booty I’ll do all of it. Heck, I’ll be glad and grateful to do all of it, knowing others like me have to pass through the same safety regulations to get theirs, and that my country is interested in both my and the safety of others. Going on keeping the faith believing the best in humanity! Love you lots Funcle Matt!

Matt Tronnier Very well stated Megalu!. In a perfect world, I agree with every word. I love your faith in altruism.

Unfortunately I don’t have the same faith in humanity. I believe we live in a world infested with evil and that evil uses the apparatus of government to foster it’s dastardly deeds.

After 30 years of political intrigue, I am witnessing a battle between the deep-state (public political class) and Trump (Political outsider and the American private sector) like I’ve never imagined. The American deep-state (establishment Republicans and Democrats) have proven to be so sinister and vile that there is no question in my mind that some day the American people with be forced to take up arms against the government.

The deep-state in Washington is no different then the communist in China and Russia. They want control of the people. If not for the guns, they would take that control tomorrow.

I’m with you that guns need to be regulated somewhat along the lines of what you’ve proposed, but please be crystal clear. Without the 2nd amendment you will NOT have the first. Evil doesn’t work that way.

So, I pray that your altruistic visions for humanity come true but if the history of evil in the world (and the prophesies of the book of revelations) are any indication of what’s to come, we will need our guns.

In my world, the 2nd amendment is not so we can protect ourselves from one another, but rather so we can protect our freedom from the evil human beings that seek to take our guns.

Keep the faith my beautiful friend 🙂