Wisdom’s simple path to
perfect inner peace.

Table of Contents

 1.  Preface to the FFFACTS – Self-Evident Truth: We can disagree with self-evident truth but it’s delusional to think we can refute it with evidence.

2.  The Declaration of Independence: Faith, Freedom, and Finance – We hold these truths to be self-evident… The drunken slave owners happen to get it right.

  • The Creator (Faith) – The irrefutable source of energy

  • Individual Liberty (Freedom) – The most precious commodity on Earth

  • Coerced-collectivism (Finance) – The source of all human inspired evil

3.  The Big Bang and the physics of the natural world.

4.  The NDE and the physics of the supernatural world.

5.  The “illusion” of reality.

6.  The “delusion” of reality and the subjectivity of human perception.

7.  The mind: the culprit of all of human strife.

8.  Faith – Believers vs. Atheism – Good vs. Evil – Spirituality vs. Secularism

  • Individual Faith

  • Coerced-collective Faith

9.  Freedom – The United States vs. World – People vs. Government

  • Individual Freedom

  • Coerced-collective Freedom

10.  Finance – Selfishness vs. Selflessness – Rich vs. Poor – Liberty vs. Coerced-collectivism, etc.

  • Individual Finance

  • Coerced-collective Finance

11.  The Diabolical Delusions of the Coerced-collectivist Mind.

12.  The Future.