FFACT #31 – Socialist, Liberal, and Progressive are synonymous terms

We can agree…

  1. Socialist/Liberal/Progressive are synonymous terms, with the latter two introduced over the last half century in order to disguise a Socialist agenda making inconspicuous government encroachment more palatable to the American people.  They pose a danger to spiritual free-will.
  2. They are a danger to spiritual free-will because of the innate nature of a growing government bureaucracy.
  3.  Inherent in this type of government is the need to grow and gain control to sustain that growth.
  4. Any perceived benevolence of government at the outset invariably gives way to the inherent evil selfishness of all governments.
  5. Those that support the Dependency Party have a misguided notion that complete oppression of the Private Sector (Socialism and Communism) can never happen in the United States.  With the 2nd amendment, they could be right, but make no mistake, they are wrong in their assessment that the terms “Liberal” and “Progressive” lesson the risk.
  6. … Add to this platform with your opinion below…