FACTS #64 – Rich-Liberal-Hypocrites must be identified and exposed

We can agree…

  1. A Rich-Liberal-Hypocrite is someone that made their millions in the Capitalist American Private Sector. then now that they have their money, decide to publicly deride the very philosophy that made them rich in the first place.
  2. It’s sickening and pathetic.  The audacity of these rich limousine liberals to portray compassion by attacking Capitalism as greed based.  These people need to be identified and exposed for hypocrisy and detriment they cause on those still striving to achieve success.
  3. Here is a short list of Rich-Liberal-Hypocrites starting with the most obvious:
    1. Jon Stewart
    2. Garry Trudeau
    3. David Letterman
    4. Oprah Winfrey
    5. Al Gore
    6. George Soros
    7. Etc. !!!!!!!!!!
  4. … Add to this platform with YOUR opinion below…