FACTS #51 – Poverty: There are THREE types of welfare states

We can agree…

  1. Poverty is perpetuated by government dependency. It’s the quintessential hand-out rather than a hand-up misconstrued as compassion.
  2. In the Dependency Party, to insist, much less suggest, personal responsibility apparently, lacks compassion.  However, that false compassion in a hand-out immediately creates a dependency that, whether contrived or inadvertent, stymies the ability for independent personal growth. That’s not compassion.
  3. There are three types of welfare states.  In each case, the entity is responsible for the “welfare” of the person.
    1. The Welfare State (Government)
      1. Requires no work
      2. Pays very little
      3. Creates a dependency
    2. The Military (Government)
      1. Requires a lot of work
      2. Pays very little
      3. Creates individual responsibility
    3. 3M Corporation (Any big or small business in the Private Sector)
      1. Requires a lot of work
      2. Pays well
      3. Creates the American Dream
  4. To keep human spirits enslaved in the government welfare state is criminal.
  5. Of course we can’t mandate participation in the military, but shouldn’t the welfare state at least help to create individual responsibility so they can eventually enjoy the American Dream?
  6. The welfare state is an insult to America, the land of opportunity.
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