FACTS #58 – The FFACTS about the Political Pundits and Celebrities

We can agree…

  1. In America, political pundits and celebrities can be more influential than the politicians they critique. There are FFACTS about our favorite big dogs.

Bill O’Reilly

  1. As of 2014, Bill is as big as it gets in the American Media.
  2. Bill’s strives to be objective but will always fail to do so until he is clear about his personal beliefs.  His beliefs are self-evident throughout his broadcasts (He supports the Resistance Party) but for the sake honest objectivity, he needs to crystal clear about which way you vote.  Dependency Party or Resistance Party.
  3. Bill is a populist in that selective desires for the absolute truth.  For example, he showed disdain for Donald Trump’s quest for President Obama’s college transcriptions but is on a quest for absolute truth himself on the Benghazi killings.  This indicates he’s more concerned with appeasing his audience then finding the truth.

Rush Limbaugh

  1. If you agree with his politics or not, Rush is as objective as they come.  He is crystal clear on his agenda and who he votes for.
  2. He supports the Resistance Party.
  3. Rush transformed American politics as we know it.  It wasn’t until the arrival of Rush Limbaugh on the national stage that Conservatism was articulated rather than attacked.  Reagan preached it but Rush defined it.
  4. Rush paved the way for pundits like Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and so forth.  Limbaugh took all of the early punches from the Dependency Party so that others that shared his views were emboldened.
  5. Limbaugh is NOT a hypocrite because he’s filth rich and cherishes the free markets and Capitalist system that made him rich.

Jon Stewart

  1. Jon is also objective.  He’s a crystal clear supporter of the Dependency Party.
  2. Jon is extremely talented and funny.  He goes to bat nightly for his party and nonstop ridicule of Resistance Party supporters is more effective then anyone else on the national stage.
  3. John is a Rich-Liberal-Hypocrite in that he mocks and loathes the free markets and Capitalist system that made him rich.


David Letterman

  1. Dave is biased.  Even though he alludes to his unyielding support for the Dependency Party, he needs to be clear.
  2. Dave’s what you call a Rich-Liberal-Hypocrite.  That is, he made all of his money in the American Capitalist Private Sector, he demanded even more money from the network in his contracts, he has been perched in his seat on late-night TV for decades (That’s selfish greed.  Give someone else a chance).  The American people will watch late-night TV if it’s Dave or not), and yet he chastises nightly the exact political freedom that made him rich in the fist place.
  3. Dave’s the quintessential Limousine Liberal.

Bill Maher

  1. A true Dependency Party hero.
  2. He’s a master of American demagoguery.  He’s funny and effective so Resistance Party supporters are humiliated daily.
  3. Bill’s documentary “Religulous” is critically acclaimed but not sure why.  Most 15 year-olds have the same degree of skepticism and aptitude in regards to religion and the meaning of life.  It’s easy to ask the questions, it’s much more difficult to provide the answers.
  4. Bill is honest.  He is one of the most prominent Socialist/Liberal/Progressives that is Hollywood has ever produced.
  5. Bill is a Rich-Liberal-Hypocrite in that he is filthy rich, made all of his money as a Capitalist in the American free markets, and now mocks and loathes the economic system he exploited to become rich.
  6. Bill’s compassion should not be measured by what he says, but rather by how much he gives to charity and to what degree he deducts that contribution on his taxes.

Dennis Miller

  1. A true Resistance hero.
  2. He’s master of his trade as one of the most insightful, funny and effective communicators on the planet.
  3. Dennis Miller had the conviction, the gonads and the gumption to stand tall and proud of his Resistance Party beliefs in the cesspool of Socialism/Liberalism/Progressiveness that is Hollywood.
  4. … Add to this platform with YOUR opinion below…