FFACT #32 – MSNBC Lawrence O’Donnell described ALL Liberals when he said “I am a Socialist”

We can agree…

  • If only the legions of supporters of the Dependency Party could be as honest as Lawrence O’Donnell, we might start having an honest debate.
  • The Dependency Party use the word “fairness” as justification for government growth.  ANYTIME you hear a Dependency Party supporter use the word fairness, be reminded that is the single and most articulated word in the Communist Manifesto.
  • Fairness can not be endowed, it must be forced.
  • … Add to this platform with your opinion below…


Video: If you share the view for America that Lawrence does, you too are a Socialist. Great!  At least you’re honest with yourself, that you are also a Socialist.

Nothing but accolades and respect for Lawrence here. At least he is honest enough to admit his true beliefs rather than what most do (hiding behind labels like Liberal and Progressive). Awesome job Lawrence!