I would sign this petition in a heartbeat if it wasn’t for the dangers of the corrupt deep-state.

History around the world has proven time and time again, those that cherish freedom will some day need automatic weapons with large-capacity magazines if socialists like Bernie Sanders, Obama, Clinton (and deep-state RINO Republicans) are to regain and sustain power. As these deep-state bureaucrats have proved by their illegal attempts to undermine the fairly elected Trump (DOJ and FBI orchestrated Russian collusion hoax. One full year of deep-state digging and still Trump’s right. No collusion. It’s a corrupt deep-state hoax), they are a danger to freedom and can not be trusted.

With their complicit cronies in the media, their coerced-collective agenda will some day need to be stopped with force. It’s just a matter of time. An outsider like Trump is America’s one shot to drain the swamp.

Blame the corrupt deep-state for the atrocities caused with guns. Blame the corrupt deep-state for the 600+ murders in Chicago last year. Blame the corrupt deep-state for the $20 Trillion debt and the fleecing of the next generation. Blame the corrupt deep-state for pitting Americans against one another. The list is endless.

The NRA clearly understands the dangers of unbridled liberalism and therefore will not capitulate.

If the deep-state could be trusted, I would sign this petition with pleasure. However, until the deep-state relinquishes its quest for big-government solutions, I will always appose gun control and I think others should learn more about it.…/