FFACT #47 – Legal Abortion leads to the best choice

We can agree…

  1. Abortion is wrong. But only based on human speculation of ALPOW’s intent for spiritual life on earth.
  2. All human spirits lived before human existence and live on after death. In the case of abortion, that human spirit was denied it’s human existence but not life.
  3. Evidence suggests that denied spirits have the opportunity be born to human existence at a later time.
  4. The Resistance Party is losing the fiscal war to the Dependency Party because of an elephant in the room called abortion.
  5. Many women support free choice and they are correct because ALPOW’s plan is free-will.  Let them choose and watch them choose Adoption.
  6. It’s simply a FFACT that a woman must have the right to chose.  You simply can’t mandate that a human spirit have a child.
  7. The debate needs to change from “Pro Life” vs. “Pro Choice” to “Pro Choice – Adoption vs. Abortion”.  Freedom will WIN that battle because EVERYONE that is not diabolically selfish supports adoption over abortion so the Resistance Party should support “Pro Choice” then bury the Dependency Party on the moral debate (What would ALPOW want) between Adoption vs. Abortion.
  8. This will expose the National Organization of Women in that they aren’t truly about a women’s right to choose, as they are about the Dependency Party, Socialism and government growth.
  9. Women are ALPOW’s gift to the world.  Give them their free-will and let ALPOW judge.
  10. … Add to this platform with YOUR opinion below…