Jim Carrey – Don’t let fear dictate your life

Deep-State demons will deny this truth!

Our boy Jim Carrey nailed this one. Here’s why…

In the spiritual world, the opposite of love is not hate, that’s a human misnomer. It’s fear. The negative spiritual energy of fear permeates our conscious-soul causing us to complain, blame, and make excuses rather than embrace and embellish life without expectation. When the positive spiritual energy of love permeates our conscious-soul, we live with selfless acceptance which opens doors and is the only path to true joy.

Life is nothing but a brief lucid dream folks. The physics of the universe prove that. We are nothing but pure energy in a molecular dance of protons, neutrons, and electrons. In essence, life’s nothing but a play on stage where we are the main actor, the director, and we wrote the script: A kick-ass script filled with adventure called “My life”.

And when we die, our energy awakens from the dream into total consciousness (As the Dalai Lama promised Carl Spackler in Caddyshack!) in the eternal presence and unconditional love of the Creator. Enveloped in forgiveness, we all look back at our lucid dream with but one hope… That we graciously embraced and embellished a dream, with love not fear, that by design was to include the difficulty, the pain, the sorrow, and all of the wonderful trials and tribulations that make this dream called human life worth experiencing.

Merry Christmas and live your lucid dream without fear my friends! 🙂