FFACT #45 – Immigration policy – Amnesty but no vote or dependency status

We can agree…

  1. Illegal Immigrants should stay legally but earn their American citizenship and voting privileges over time.
  2. The Dependency Party only supports illegal immigration because they can make dependents out of them.
  3. The Dependency Party would oppose the illegal immigration of France’s departing entrepreneurs! Face it, if the illegal immigrants were all going to vote for the Resistance Party, not one person from the Dependency Party would support amnesty.   Yep, if most illegal immigrants voted for the Resistance Party, every Socialist/Liberal/Progressive in America and the Dependency Party would exclaim “deport them!”.
  4. Most illegal immigrants will vote for the Dependency Party.  And why wouldn’t they?  It’s a simple choice between “free handout” or “personal responsibility”.  That puts the Resistance Party in a quandary.
  5. Deportation is simply wrong.
  6. Complete amnesty is wrong.
  7. The immigration policy should be amnesty, but no government dependency privileges, and no right to become a citizen until after taxes are paid for at least five years from the Private Sector.
  8. They should earn their citizenship in the Private Sector. This will encourage all illegal immigrants to accept their individual responsibility to become a contributing member of America.
  9. … Add to this platform with YOUR opinion below…