I am ashamed, disturbed, and outraged…

Minnesota State Representative Ilhan Omar –
β€œI am not ashamed of the country where I was born. I am not ashamed to call myself an American now. I am a proud immigrant, refugee, Minnesotan and a proud State Legislator. But make no mistake, I am ashamed, disturbed, and outraged that the leader of the United States can’t see beyond his own embarrassing privilege to embrace the diversity that has made this country great for generations.”

The Facts: I have to give you Deep-State Supporters credit. You never miss an opportunity to exploit racism. Hey if it works to convert the shallow mind… why not. Unfortunately, your exploitation only exposes yourselves as the true racists. Here’s why. The Haitian people don’t want or need your pathetic pity. And they don’t want to be your next victim-in-need in order to further your deep-state socialist agenda. Only a liberal American racist sees the Haitian people as inferior and needing protection from white privilege. The Haitian people don’t want or need your racist help. In fact, Haiti is a shit-hole only because of failed deep-state government promises. I hear them now… “GET OFF OUR SIDE you bunch of self-righteous liberal snow flakes! We’ll tough it out on our own with the free markets inspired by the Trump freedom fighters! We don’t want or need your contrived-government-compassion you rich-liberal-hypocrites!” All in good fun πŸ™‚ Keep the faith! πŸ™‚