FACTS #24 – Freedom is NOT free

We can agree…

  1. Freedom cost lives and money. That will always be the case unless evil can be defeated.
  2. Evil is part of ALPOW’s plan for free-will so freedom will NEVER be free.
  3. Freedom seems like a simple premise that we all understand.  Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Millions of Americans take their freedom for granted.
  4. You simply can not appreciate your freedom and be satisfied with the pay that a soldier makes.  No question that military spending is abused and misused like all other government inefficient programs, but to not be outraged by a soldiers wages is just shy of treason.  The US Constitution states that a fundamental role of limited government is to “provide for the common defense”.  That is, a soldier’s pay should come first above all other priorities.
  5. America is the Alpha and the Omega of freedom.  So that means that America’s interests are the alpha and the omega of freedom.  One of those interests is oil.  There is a misconception that fight for oil is just for perceived American entitlements like plastic and cars.  Not so.  The whole free world depends on the flow of oil.  Freedom is not free, right now it’s the price of oil. If you want to keep freedom, you have to pay to defend oil.
  6. Everyone supports alternate energy.  That doesn’t power aircraft carriers today.  Today we fight for oil to protect freedom.
  7. In defending freedom for the rest of the world, America makes mistakes, absolutely, just like every other nation in the world.  So, by the grace of ALPOW, America fights to free other spirits around the world.
  8. America-bashers are indeed unpatriotic and take their freedom for granted.  There are always ample oppressive governments (and their delusional enslaved spirits) around the world for adequate mocking and ridicule of America’s missteps. So to receive criticism from some WILF, basking in sunshine the freedom that America provides, and then question the manner in which it’s provided… is treason.
  9. We certainly have a few good men… So how dare you sleep under the blanket of freedom of which they provide and then question the manner in which they provide it! Amen Col Nathan R. Jessup – A Few Good Men.
  10. … Add to this platform with your opinion below…