FACTS #23 – The world media is biased: American Media, including FOX News, is also biased.

We can agree…

  1. All media is biased.  Bias is an inherent property of the media because humans beings are an intricate part of the process of delivering the communication.  Human spirits have beliefs and that invariably affects the way communication is delivered.
  2. This bias ranges from complete propaganda in totalitarian states like Iran, that completely controls the communicated message, to the American media where they claim objectivity but have bias and ulterior agenda.
  3. We need to recognize and accept this reality so that human spirits receiving the communication can accurately judge the source and its objectivity.
  4. Once you recognize the bias of the source, the communicated message is no longer biased because you can make an objective judgement.

World Media

  1. Countries with state-controlled media should be identified, isolated and marginalized in all American foreign policy.
  2. As a result of any American intervention, we must mandate access to all communication, biased and objective.  For example, open internet communication must be prerequisite for any American aid or assistance.
  3. Human spirits confined and limited to state-controlled biased communication must be identified as ignorant of the FFACTS.  In other words, they don’t understand what’s in their best interest.  We must try to protect these spirits from their government and themselves.  Free flow of internet will educate these spirits.

American Media

  1. Before cable, there were only three main sources for Americans to get their news, ABC, NBC, CBS.  All had a liberal bias.  The arrival of Rush Limbaugh and talk radio was the first time a conservative broadcast reached a national audience.  Rush Limbaugh paved the way for Fox News and broadcasters like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity.  Now there is a semblance of balance depending if you get your news from multiple sources.
  2. Most American media, including all of the mainstream, has had a Socialist/Liberal/Progressive bias/agenda.  It has been this way for decades.
  3. With the advent of Rush Limbaugh, and later Fox News, a conservative bias was introduced to the American mainstream.  That created balance in the media because it offset the liberal bias.
  4. If YOU don’t recognize the mainstream media’s Socialist/Liberal/Progressive bias, most likely your beliefs are a product of that bias.
  5. Rush Limbaugh (Resistance Party) and Lawrence O’Donnell (Dependency Party) are NOT biased because we know which way they vote. The true bias arises when human beings claim complete objectivity or an absence of bias, i.e. news anchors and writers.
  6. Bias can be as extreme mere orchestrated propaganda, like oppressed humans under dictatorship rule, to limiting a human being’s communication receptive capabilities (media but no internet), to situations in the U.S. where WILFs in America refuse to get their communication from multiple sources.
  7. Fox News can accurately claim “fair and balanced” not because they are objective, but because they truly “balance” the Socialist/Liberal/Progressive bias of the other United States media.
  8. To immediately solve the media bias in the United States, we simply demand that the human spirit delivering the communication identify their party of affiliation (which way they voted) and then deliver the communication. In this case, you would see the hallways of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, MTV, and the hallways of 90% of the United States colleges lined with those who claim objectivity but vote Dependency Party.
  9. Foreign nations like Iran, that have state-controlled media, only offer propaganda.  There enslaved spirits see nothing but government lies.  It’s insane for any American to suggest that these people, who only get propaganda from their government, know what’s good for them. They don’t understand because their realities are an illusion orchestrated by their government.  And Americans, if anyone, should recognize that.
  10. Any United States financial assistance to countries with oppressive governments should carry an ultimatum to give their enslaved spirits access to the internet.
  11. Here’s a quick look at some of the more famous so called “objective” media figures and which party they supported:
    1. Bill O’Reilly – R
    2. Brit Hume – R
    3. Walter Cronkite – D
    4. Peter Jennings – D
    5. Tom Brokaw – D
    6. Dan Rather – D
    7. John Chancellor – D
    8. David Brinkley – D (actually conceded liberal bias late in his life)
    9. Bob Schieffer – D
    10. Brian Williams – D
    11. Diane Sawyer – D
    12. Harry Reasoner – D
    13. Barbara Walters – D
    14. Connie Chung – D
    15. Katie Couric – D
    16. Matt Lauer – D
    17. Robin Meade – D
    18. And the telling list goes on…
  12. It’s an irrefutable FFACT that the media is liberally biased.  If you don’t recognize that, you are really no different than a citizen of Iran in that your views are a product of the illusion created by your government.
  13. … Add to this platform with your opinion below…