FACTS #40 – Public Education is a racket: Today’s teachers pay the price

We can agree…

  1. The underpaid teachers in the public schools today are the ones who sacrifice for the selfishness of their predecessors.
  2. The public education system in America was a noble concept at the outset.  Even though state-run education was beyond the provisions of the Constitution, the quest for equal educational opportunity was rationalized and most supported the initiative.  It has subsequently turned into a racket.
  3. Subsequently to those noble aspirations or state-run education arose a political class of Public Sector educators and administrators that unionized and whose demands slowly but deliberately encroached on the sensibilities of the tax paying Private Sector.
  4. Ever-increasing egregious demands for privileges and free perks increased and ultimately culminating with the most appalling abuse of the tenure purpose. (Tenure was originally intended to simply protect educators right to free speech.)
  5. The tenure abuse created a complacency in the ranks of the public education system, devastating the incentive for teacher and student achievement, and further caused the skyrocketing costs for higher education.
  6. The UNDERPAID TEACHERS OF TODAY ARE THE ONES WHO NOW SACRIFICE FOR THE SINS OF THEIR PREDECESSORS to meet lofty education expectations of a weary Private Sector shaken by the asinine demands of their Public Sector education predecessors.
  7. With the advent of the internet and off-campus education, the price for higher education should, and eventually will be, free (Advertisers pay to be on the websites).  Rather than some dope smoking tenured professor giving a half-assed lecture at some state university, an animated computer character can do a much more consistently effective job.
  8. Affordable education via these free websites will be adamantly opposed by the National Education Association (NEA) because public education administrators (not the teachers) are NOT about effective education.  They are about their own jobs, pay, and gravy train security.
  9. Great education DOES NOT require excessive government growth and dependencies.
  10. … Add to this platform with YOUR opinion below…