FACTS Parody: Video – Benny Hill, Zach & Barack

Will the presidential library be in Hawaii or your home country of Kenya?

Now it doesn’t matter which way you vote, this is funny stuff. President Obama is ticked off because he never produced a legitimate birth certificate (the one presented was proven a forgery) because he wasn’t born in the United States.

Zach Galifianakis is fidgeting because he’s about to get his butt kicked by the secret service.  Very funny.

Don’t be a WILF.  The birth certificate was proven a fake and he never produced his college transcripts.


  • President Obama never produced his college transcripts because they will show he was given privileged admission to colleges as a foreign student.
  • President Obama’s family was not wealthy so it’s highly unlikely that he could have afforded college or law school without foreign student privileges.
  • The media will not press for the truth (Even the self proclaimed no-spin doctor Bill O’reilly cowered away on this one) because it will expose the lack of due diligence on behalf of the media in the first place.
  • The Obama Administration could put this controversy to rest today by providing the proof.  If you think they have already provided the actual documents you’re wrong.  The can’t produce the documents because they don’t exist. (FFACT inspired by HankElhorn)