FACTS #66 – Jesus Christ is the way, truth, and life. That is, the ‘portal’ to eternal salvation.

We can agree…

  1. The source of all energy is ALPOW.  The ONLY access path to that source of energy is a portal that human beings refer to as Jesus Christ.
  2. Jesus Christ is a Christian name for the portal to ALPOW.
  3. Failing to accept the FFACT that Jesus (the portal) is the only path to eternal salvation during your human existence does NOT mean eternal condemnation. Everyone who dies will then remember this FFACT and be provided the grace to repent.
  4. The locks of Hell are on the inside and eternal damnation is for evil spirits that remain selfish and choose their fate.  ALPOW is all Forgiveness.  Even after death –
  5. Like other human spirits (simply energy), the spirit that was Jesus Christ because human and walked this earth.
  6. The purpose for the portal to become human was to give forgiveness and to show the path for eternal salvation and peace within during our human existences.
  7. All non christian religions recognize this FFACT after death in that the portal to ALPOW was in existence at all times they just perceived it with a different understanding.
  8. … Add to this platform with YOUR opinion below…