FACTS #28 – America has ONLY TWO root problems

We can agree…

  1. The destruction of the American way and the bankrupting of the financial future of America is a result of two things.  One, egregious growth of government dependencies and two, the intolerable wealth disparity (caused by government, i.e. the money the Public Sector takes).  Both problems can easily be corrected by increasing the free-will and prosperity of more enslaved human spirits.
  2. The wealth disparity in America is caused by the government.  That is, the difference between the rich and the poor in America is the money the government taxes from the Private Sector.  If the government would tax less and enable the rich to give to the poor in lieu of taxes, the rich would much rather pay the poor than the government.
  3. The wealth disparity can be corrected by letting the rich give their money directly to the poor while bypassing the Public Sector.  If the rich can “give to the poor” (tax credit) rather than “give to the poor AND the government” (tax deduction), you will see the wealth disparity diminish dramatically.
  4. Government growth and dependencies can be rectified by creating more opportunity and less government obstruction in the Private Sector.  Move government employees and anyone dependent upon on the government to the Private Sector where there is more accountability to be effective and efficient.
  5. Big Government loves to keep the wealth disparity problems.  It gives them a reason to keep taxing the rich, while keeping most of the money, and only giving a pittance to the poor.
  6. If government moved aside, instead of the rich giving the money to the government (via taxes), they would give ithe rich could give the money they pay in taxes directly to the poor. You will see less government dependence and  the wealth disparity vanish.
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