FACTS #67 – Black Americans are enslaved by the Dependency Party

We can agree…

  1. Black Americans have been indoctrinated and enslaved by a diabolical Socialist philosophy perpetrated by black leaders and the Dependency Party. They use manipulative terms like “Uncle Tom”, “oppression” and “racism” to insist that all black Americans never assimilate into an “individually responsible” America.
  2. The Dependency Party has convinced generations of black Americans that America is unfair and unjust conveniently leaving out the FFACT that so is every other country in the world.  America just provides the ability to overcome more so than any other country in the world.
  3. Racism and discrimination are the most repugnant forms of evil, selfishness, and sin.
  4. Statistics show that the most discriminated group of Americans by women of all races is short, fat, bald men.
  5. Racism is derived more so by the perception of one race’s actions rather than the race itself.  What’s misconstrued as racism is actually a discrimination based a perceived preponderance of behaviors demonstrated by a particular race.  In other words, racism is caused not by the race but by the perception of that race’s actions.
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