FACTS #49 – Clean Environment: Everyone wants one and it’s affordable with balance

We can agree…

  1. To suggest that only Dependency Party supporters are committed to a clean environment is absurd.  All, at least most, Americans want to protect the environment.  However, there is a distinct difference between proposed methods.
  2. Temperature Change (Global Warming) does NOT justify government growth to prevent.
  3. The Dependency Party uses the environment as a faceless victim to justify the need for more money and growth.
  4. There are two methods to have a clean, safe environment and save the planet.
    1. Method #1. Less government:
      • Enforce the existing EPA laws.
      • Fine and punish those that break the law.
      • Cost $0
    2. Method #2. More government:
      • Build and entire government program with thousands of dependents all in search of a reason for their employment.
      • Turn the environment into a victim, a government dependent, that must be protected at all cost.
      • Indict the Private Sector for insatiable greed and disregard for a helpless giant that can only defend itself with government money.
      • Stifle Private Sector innovation then complain about a lack of tax revenue.
      • Cost $Billions.
  5. Be honest.  If you are for a “clean environment”, you understand that we don’t need to “clean-out” the Private Sector’s wallet with big government.  You understand that and if you don’t support it, you are for big government, not a clean environment.
  6. A clean environment does NOT require excessive government growth. It simply requires rational a balance between economic realities in the Private Sector and the impact that those realities has on the environment.
  7. We all should want a clean environment and a smaller government.
  8. The EPA has a 2013 budget of: $7,901,104,000. That’s 7.9 Billion! It doesn’t cost that much money to protect our environment. Here’s why. You write a law, enforce it, and punish those who break that law. Protecting the environment is simply a ploy by Big Government to justify the need for more money. EPA website: http://www2.epa.gov/planandbudget/budget
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