FACTS #19 – Atheist are ignorant of the FACTS

We can agree…

  1. Atheist spirits are comprised of negative energy (fear). They refuse to accept the most obvious reality of life for fear of accountability.
  2. The unfounded beliefs of Atheist spirits are a detriment to public policy in a civilized society. If you are Agnostic or Atheist you are a wrong because you have ZERO evidence to support your beliefs and there is OVERWHELMING evidence to the contrary.
  3. Never in the history of scientific study, which is the study of “cause and effect”, has there been an effect without a cause, or something created by nothing.  Except of course the Big Bang of which atheists can’t explain.  The Big Bang had a supernatural ALPOW cause.
  4. The DNA models of life are so sophisticated that all of the combined intelligence of human existence could not create even the simplest life form.  That required something way beyond mere mortals to create at the genisis of life.
  5. The spiritual forces of ALPOW are experienced by human beings daily.  The deathly fear of evil, which we’ve all felt, can be transformed into the spine shivering chills of jubilation in mere moments by simply allowing ALPOW into your life.
  6. Millions of live are transformed from despair to peace not by human interaction but by supernatural intervention.
  7. Near Death Experience survivors, in the millions, have testified to the reality of ALPOW.
  8. Authentic mystics, mediums and prophets have proven way beyond any reasonable doubt their ability to telepathically communicate with those in the spiritual world; proving life after death.  The list goes on and on.
  9. What proof do atheists offer?  Zero.  They just offer child-like naivety and a barrage of irrational skepticism.
  10. Atheist are WILFs – “Willfully Ignorant Lost Foes” and their unsubstantiated concocted beliefs should be first marginalized and ultimately disregarded for the sake of the future of this great nation.
  11. The agnostic or atheist claim skepticism is FACT. However, the FACT is that any spirit where there is an absence of positive energy (Good, God), the void is filled with negative energy (Evil, Devil) and their diabolical beliefs are a menace to a civilized society.