Why YOU live a life of delusion and how
the facts will give you peace.

200+ Individual FFFACTS!

 Preface to the FFFACTS – Self-Evident Truth: We can disagree with self-evident truth but it’s delusional to think we can refute it with evidence.

  1. Most Brilliant Book – The FFFACTS could be the most brilliant book ever written. I can say that with confidence because I didn’t write it. It was written by some of the most brilliant people on earth.

  2. Most Important Book – The FFFACTS could be the most important book ever written. Self-evident truth can eliminate the confusion, delusion, and strife in your life.

  3. The Most Practical Book – The FFFACTS could be the most practical book ever written. The world is confused and the FFFACTS provide your path to perfect peace.

  4. Evil on Earth – Evil people can actually be identified as anyone who seeks to prohibit the faith, freedom, or finances of another human spirit.

  5. Everything that Matters Most – We need only concern ourselves with what matters most. Understand faith, freedom, and finance and the rest is easy.

  6. We will all disagree with some of The FFFACTS! That’s why we have dysfunction in our lives, families, and throughout the world.

  7. I’m a Christian – But the FFFACTS are objective. Many Christians are oblivious to the FFFACTS.

  8. WILF – The “Willfully Ignorant Lost Foe” – Those that have apathy for the truth.

  9. Right and Wrong – There is a right and a wrong. And wrong does not cease to be wrong because the majority share in it.

The Declaration of Independence: Faith, Freedom, and Finance – We hold these truths to be self-evident… The drunken slave owners happen to get it right.

  1. The Declaration of Independence – The THREE self-evident truths presented in the Declaration of Independence, faith, freedom, and limited government (finance) are the tenets in which sound realities are built and all reason is established.

  • The Creator (Faith) – The irrefutable source of energy

  1. Einstein’s Ultimatum – There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein.

  2. The Creator – The irrefutable evidence.

  3. The CREATOR – The supernatural source of all that is. The pinnacle of reason. Where evidence and skepticism culminate.

  4. The CREATOR is not God – GOD (Grace on Demand) is just a portion of what is ineffable.

  • Individual Liberty (Freedom) – The most precious commodity on Earth

  1. Freedom – The most precious and rare commodity on earth. All human spirits long to be free. Coerced-collectivists long to take it.

  2. Freedom is NOT free – The selfless pay for the selfish.

  • Coerced-collectivism (Finance) – The source of human derived evil

  1. Coerced-collectivism – A derivative of evil that is the source of most strife in the world.

  2. Coerced-collectivist Governments – All governments, even benevolent ones, are inherently selfishness and diabolical in design. It’s not the people, it’s the premise.

  3. Benevolent Coerced-collectivism Governments – The diabolical deception of contrived compassion.

  4. Individual Coerced-collectivism – Marriage, Parenting, Friendship and the 51%

  5. All Government is Coerced-collectivism – The term “government” is synonymous with Coerced-collectivism. That’s not an antigovernment assessment, it is the inherent nature of the public sector bureaucracy.

  6. Government Collectivism – It’s not fairness. It is fraud perpetrated by a political class of human beings abridging other people’s liberties in order to further a self-serving agenda.

  7. Evil Government – Selfish evil is inherent in all governments, especially the most benevolent. That evil creates delusions of need in the minds of government dependents.

  8. The Dependency Party – A diabolical political force by collectivists determined to create dependencies within the American people. The Dependency Party is a more accurate name for the Democratic Party and collectivist Republicans who capitulate. They are opposed by the Tea Party and Libertarians.

  9. Vote Dependency Party – There’s only five categories of Dependency Party voters. Dependent, Gravy Trainer, Bleeding Heart, Limousine, and Socialist.

  10. The FFFACTS vs. The Dependency Party – There’s one war and two political forces in America. The winner gets their America.

  11. Tiananmen Square – The infamous photo epitomizes the plight of the human spirit embattled with the coerced-collectivist mind.

  12. The United Nations – An organization established during WWII that is now populated by diabolically delusional coerced-collectivists.

The Big Bang and the physics of the natural world.

  1. The idiosyncrasies of Individual Reality – Reality is actually an illusion of space and energy.

  2. Physics of the Natural World – We Are Energy. We are all made of light which is energy, we are space, and we are one.

  3. We are Quantum Physics – We are light. Light is a particle, a wave, and dependent on the observer.

  4. Physical matter – It’s not physical at all.

  5. Size and perspective of the quark – The inside of a marble is there universe.

  6. The time-space continuum and the fifth dimension.

  7. Forget Entropy – Life evolves counter to the natural Second Law of Thermodynamics because life is supernatural.

  8. Positive or Negative Energy – The Atheist are correct, it’s constantly flowing and affects our perception of reality.

  9. The Big Bang – Time and space started with a big bang or a big bounce. And that’s a big deal.

  10. Placebo Effect – It’s real. But does the mind control the spirit or the spirit control the mind.

The NDE and the physics of the supernatural world.

  1. The Near Death Experience – Supernatural experience that confirms spiritual life after human life.

  2. Irrefutable Evidence – The evidence of NDE testimonials is in consistent corroboration the millions.

  3. Debunking the NDE debunkers – The naiveté of a child. Asinine claims that are baseless and absurd.

  4. Most Famous NDE – The near death experiences of apostles Paul and John. One good, one not so good.

  5. The Spiritual Life before life – There’s a spiritual afterlife and the spiritual life-before-life.

  6. Body and Spirit – You have but one body and one spirit and they are interdependent.

  7. Physics of the Supernatural World – The physics of the supernatural world, not the physical world, determine our peace in life.

  8. We Reside Inside – The spiritual world begins within you.

  9. Love, Peace, and Joy – The continual spiritual state of all that “is” in reality.

  10. Fear, Isolation, and Despair – The continual spiritual state of all that “is not” in reality.

  11. Death – The great equalizer

  12. Death Brings Life – The physics Law of Conservation of Energy states that our soul’s energy cannot be eliminated.

  13. We’re all dead – What happens next is obvious and one hell of a ride.

  14. Death and Loss – The inevitability of death tomorrow makes us now survivors of death today.

  15. Meditation or Prayer – The open the portal to the transforming our human existence. Essential for enlightened manipulation of reality.

The “illusion” of reality.

  1. Lucid Consciousness, Sleep and Dreams – Your perception of reality is nothing but a persistent lucid dream.

  2. Reality – It’s not real. It’s an illusion of real. “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” ― Albert Einstein

  3. Open Our Filtered Mind – Our mind does not create our reality, it prevents it.

  4. Cognitive Thinking – Develop the discipline required to think it through.

  5. Delusion is a lack of understanding.

  6. The Master and the Slave – The dichotomy of life by design of the CREATOR for individual spiritual growth.

  7. Boss and Employee – A dichotomy of economics by design of the CREATOR.

  8. Accept life on life’s terms – Strife starts with a resistance to acceptance.

  9. Joy or Despair – The choice that defies the circumstances of life.

The “delusion” of reality and the subjectivity of human perception.

  1. E=MC2 – It’s more than a physics truth, It’s a subjective perception of reality.

  2. The Spiritual Reality – Embrace it or ignore it. As long as we have no complaints or strife in life.

  3. The Subjective Mind – Our reality is a construct of what’s not filtered by our mind. So is life and the perceived plight it provides.

  4. The Past and Future – The past and future do not exist. They are delusions of the mind.

  5. The Voice in our Head – Our delusional mind is the annoying roommate in our head.

  6. It’s Perception, not Reality – Strife is created by our perception of reality, not our reality itself.

  7. The Human Experience, Life’s a Bitch – Our life is supposed to be difficult. Accept that and your life will get easier. It’s a road to peace less traveled.

  8. Personality Disorders – Character disorder (blaming others) and neurosis (blaming ourselves). It’s a road to peace less traveled.

  9. The Triad of Co-dependency – The Perpetrator, the Victim, the Rescuer, and the cycle of codependent dysfunction.

  10. Oppression and the Oppressed – The dichotomy of life by design of the CREATOR.

  11. Parenting – Our children are not ours. They belong to the CREATOR. Parenting is a privilege, not a right.

  12. Use of Drugs – Anyone who uses drugs waves their right to complain. Life is supposed to be difficult and if we chose to exacerbate that difficulty with the use of drugs we deserve our plight.

  13. Media around the World – The people of countries like Iran are delusional because they have state run media. They are like infants that do not understand reality.

  14. Media Bias – All media is biased. American Media is the worst because of specious claims to be objective.

The mind: the culprit of all of human strife.

  1. Love – It’s an action, not an emotion. It’s a road to peace less traveled.

  2. Forgiveness – It’s acceptance not compassion. Acceptance that only we are to blame.

  3. Selfishness – Selfishness is synonymous with sin. It’s the original sin and is a derivative of evil.

  4. Humility and Selflessness – The most important human virtue and the result.

  5. Narcissism and Self-pity – The most egregious forms of selfishness.

  6. Anger – We have only ourselves to blame. It’s our reality, others are just in it.

  7. Purpose of Life – Our true purpose has little to do with ourselves. Strife is impossible with a purpose driven life.

  8. The Charity Sham – Time or money spent for others is no greater if it’s Bruce Springsteen or you. What’s different is the attention it garners.

Faith – Believers vs. Atheism – Good vs. Evil – Spirituality vs. Secularism

  • Individual Faith

  1. We All Have Faith in Something – That’s faith in the CREATOR, yourself, or government.

  2. The End of the World – Only self-evident truth remains.

  3. GOD (Grace on Demand) – The diabolical misconception of what constitutes God.

  4. The Atheist – In the beginning, man created God. Then man became selfish and blamed God.

  5. The CREATOR’S Wrath – Is the CREATOR Forgiving or Vengeful? Don’t ask the bible.

  6. Hell – It’s more real than our worst nightmare but we’re all glad it exists.

  7. The Word of God – It is spiritual energy, not a book or printed symbols. The Word manifests itself in the physical world through electromagnetic energy.

  8. Judgement Day – All are judged on one simple criteria after we die; selfishness.

  9. The Source of Negative Energy – Why bad things happen to both good and bad people. It’s by design.

  10. The Triad of Death – The Perpetrator, the Victim, the Humbled, and the purpose of anguish and despair.

  11. Witches, Mediums, and Ghosts – The spiritual world is layered, the Dark Matter first.

  • Coerced-collective Faith

  1. Different Religions – Religions that profess love, peace, and joy have a purpose in the CREATOR’S plan. Anything to the contrary can be traced to the diabolical collectivist mind.

  2. Evil in Religion – The abridgment of Faith, freedom, and finance expose the evil in religion. Abridgment – a curtailment of rights.

  3. The Finance of Religion – Would Jesus wear a Rolex?

  4. Zealotry in Religion – It’s not the religious belief that’s evil, it’s the zealots.

  5. The Bible – The divinely inspired word of God. Grossly misinterpreted by delusional human beings.

  6. Christianity Jesus Christ – Jesus Christ is the way, truth, and life. Not just because the bible states it, but because the evidence supports it.

  7. The New Covenant in Christ – It’s not what Christians believe. It’s not what the bible states. It’s about the New Covenant with humanity and the transformation of human existence.

  8. Religious Dogma – The obstacle that prevents most of humanity from accepting the peace and forgiveness of Jesus Christ in their lives.

  9. Atheism & Agnostic – This belief (It is a belief and not an absence of belief) takes the bible and the Koran more literal than any other belief.

  10. Judaism – The chosen oppressed and evidence of the purposeful division of beliefs by design of the Creator.

  11. Islamic State – Zero freedom to believe as you choose and leave if you wish. The “collective state” of oppression, not necessarily the religion of oppression.

  12. Buddhism – Karma and cause-and-effect ethics. Maya (the illusory nature of the world), and Samsara (the cycle of reincarnation). Accurate teachings with exception of the evidence of the NDE.

  13. Hinduism – Brahma, believed to inhabit every portion of reality and existence throughout the entire universe. NDE supports this accurate teaching with the exception of the evidence of the primary spirit.

  14. Secularism: The Religion of Government – Secularists have a religion and a god. That god is the source of all that is good. Their god is government.

  15. World Terrorism – The ultimate coerced-collective state, not religion, sponsored diabolical delusion.

  16. Secularism: Separation of Church and State – It does not mean separation of “Spiritual World and State”

Freedom – The United States vs. World – People vs. Government

  • Individual Freedom

  1. Individual Freedoms – Bestowed by THE CREATOR; not government.

  2. With Freedom Comes Responsibility – 24 Hours a Day: Eight for rest (sleep), eight for others (Work), eight for ourselves (Play). The balance of personal responsibility by design of the Creator.

  3. The CREATOR’S will – Free-will. The design and purpose of human existence.

  4. Freedom to be Selfishness – The most egregious abusing of individual freedoms.

  • Coerced-collective Freedom

  1. The United States of America – Freedom’s cause. It’s either good or evil depending on your degree of delusion.

  2. The Alpha and Omega of Freedom – It’s all good. Even the bad is good because it’s a role of which only one nation is capable.

  3. Exceptional Freedom – The US is the only exceptional country in the world. Not because our degree of freedom but because we’re the only country that can defend it.

  4. America’s Most Selfish Generation – We fail give individual freedom the reverence it requires.

  5. American greed – America cannot be greedy. There’s only American government greed or American individual greed.

  6. US Foreign Policy – The moral obligation to free other human spirits. All who oppress the free spiritual growth and prosperity of its citizens should be an enemy, and defeated from the top down.

  7. Confronting and Eliminating Evil – US foreign policy is simple if you combat evil from the top down. Free your people or “you” the leader, the coerced-collectivist, will be captured or die. Not your people, you!

Finance – Selfishness vs. Selflessness – Rich vs. Poor – Liberty vs. Coerced-collectivism, etc.

  • Individual Finance

  1. Wealth – It’s a choice we make.

  2. Money – It’s currency that flows in and out of us. Your income flows in and your spending flows out.

  3. Zero-sum Gain – Wealth creates wealth. The public sector destroys wealth.

  4. Individual Financial Obligation – We are morally obligated, selflessness, to work towards self-sufficiency.

  5. The Filthy Rich – Who more so deserves to make 20 million dollars a year? Oprah Winfrey or Exon?

  • Coerced-collective Finance

  1. America’s Two Problems – America has only two root financial problems it needs to solve, the wealth disparity and unbridled government growth. Solving one solves the other.

  2. The Battle for the Money – It’s all about the money. We are either part of the problem or the solution. The Dependency Party vs. The FFFACTS.

  3. The Public Sector Backpack – The Private Sector carries the Public Sector on its back like a backpack. The bigger the backpack, the less prosperity for all.

  4. Fleecing the Private Sector – Public Sector greed. It is destroying the American Dream.

  5. Taxing the Private Sector – Consumption, Income, gas, sin, and Property. Petty theft incites gross extortion.

  6. 30 Million Strong – Over 30 million people work for government. Government is the largest employer in every state. That’s 10% of the population. It creates poverty, not prosperity.

  7. Cycle of Government Dependency: 51% Get Checks – Over 51% of the American population now get a government check that is not a tax return. These Americans are why the Dependency Party wins’ elections.

  8. Greece, France, and Detroit – All lost the battle for the money and are now bankrupt. And the people, not the public sector, suffer.

  9. Three Collective Welfare States – The three types of welfare states and their impact on our financial peace: Government employment, Private sector business, The welfare trap.

  10. Economic Growth – Private Sector growth is the only means to growth and prosperity for all. Reduce the size of the public sector backpack.

  11. Public Servant – A misnomer. The Public Sector does not serve the Private Sector, it controls it.

  12. Public Education – Public Education has been a racket from the start. Abused by collectivists and now today’s teachers’ pay the price.

  13. The $100,000 Transfer – Transfer just one average employee from the Public Sector to the Private Sector and America gains $100,000. Transfer just 10 Public Sector employees and prosperity gains a million.

  14. Government Poverty – Poverty, Crime and Punishment are cyclical and exacerbated by government dependency.

  15. Redistribution of Private Sector Wealth – The #1 reason that Americans vote for government collectivists. It’s government, not greed, that prevents the redistribution of wealth.

  16. Corporate Greed – Big Corporations, obscene profits, and greedy executives. Competition, not coerced government collectivism, will redistribute that wealth.

  17. American Inflation – It’s not the rise in price but the deflation of the dollar that’s diabolical in design.

  18. The Federal Reserve and World Bank – Understanding the monetary supply. A monopoly of diabolical corruption.

  19. The National Debt Fraud – We default on the debt not because of what we owe, but because of who we owe. 90% of the debt, with the exception of Social Security, is public sector promises to themselves. Never pay the debt on a stolen credit card.

  20. Social Security – It’s bankrupt for one clear reason. It’s America’s most egregious Ponzi scheme perpetrated by collectivists.

  21. Rich-Liberal-Hypocrites – The most visible and dangerous of selfish coerced-collectivists. Made their money, and continue to do so, in the exact capitalist system they now deride.

  22. Hollywood Rich-Liberal-Hypocrite Greed – They have millions and still take acting roles from struggling actors every day. The Hollywood elite are the most selfish of Americans.

The Diabolical Delusions of the Coerced-collectivist Mind.

  1. Obamacare – Reagan was right on Obamacare. It’s the collectivist’s Holy Grail of contrived compassion.

  2. New Collectivist Taxes – Reagan, Clinton, and Bush, capitulated and Obama is untethered.

  3. Inheritance or Death Tax – An egregious and selfish step taken by government collectivist. Illustrates the government’s blame for the wealth disparity.

  4. The Lotto and Casinos – It requires collectivist privilege to pillage the poor.

The Future.

  1. FFFACT – We can NOT prevent the Armageddon! It all ends ugly.

  2. Homosexuality – It’s part of the CREATOR’s plan and delusional to believe otherwise.

  3. Abortion – Free-will by design of the Creator. Legal abortion leads to the best choice of adoption. Coerced abortion by collectivist minds leads to murder.

  4. Legalize Drugs – All drugs should be legal. CREATOR bestowed free-will to destroy our own life.

  5. Women’s Liberation Delusion – Diabolically exploiting women’s fairness for collectivist gains. American women have more liberty than any other woman on the planet.

  6. Racism – Racism was, is, and will always be, part of mankind because of selfishness. But true evil resides in the exploitation of racism. It’s those that claim racism that invariably believe a certain race, even their own, to be inferior.

  7. Black Slaves – Black Americans are enslaved by the collectivist minds of the Dependency Party. It is the collective welfare state, not white oppression, that has chained African Americans to poverty.

  8. Legal Defense – ALL guns, even tanks must be legal w/permit. Protection is essential not from criminals, but from the diabolically delusional collectivist who would want to abridge this 2nd amendment right.

  9. Streets and Roads – Distortion of reality perpetrated by coerced-collectivists.

  10. Why Wall Street Wins – Currency flows through Wall Street. Of course they’re rich.

  11. Government-free Business – Non-profit, tax tree, private sector tax-free small businesses are the answer for the needy, not collectivist government.

  12. Instituting Government Fairness – It’s simple. Everyone that works in the Public Sector gets paid the same. Institute their own collectivist beliefs upon themselves.

  13. Immigration Policy – It’s simple. Amnesty but no vote or dependency. Collectivists in the Dependency Party don’t care about the wellbeing of the immigrants, they want the votes and the dependents.

  14. Tort Reform – Collectivist hypocrisy. Attorneys are super rich and they give big dollars to collectivists.

  15. Exposing the ulterior motive – Do you get a government check that’s not a tax refund? Asking this exposes the collectivist hidden agenda.

  16. Government Spending Cap Solution – Private Sector imposed Spending Cap. Private Sector determines how much is spent; Public Sector determines where it’s spent.

  17. Correcting the Wealth Disparity – We disagree not that the wealth disparity is wrong and needs to be corrected, but on how to correct it. Coerced Collectivism or Free-will. Remove government greed and it will correct itself.

  18. Inner-city Tax Free Zones – Tax free zones will immediately create prosperity in all inner-cities. Free flow of money without government greed.

  19. The Pendulum Theory – America’s political pendulum does not swing back and forth; it just swings one way.

  20. Simply the Best – The United States is by far the land of opportunity. Even if our delusion suggests otherwise.

  21. The Extremes: Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street – The battleground for the reality war. The battle between these two visions for America epitomize the other battles being fought: The FFFFACTS vs. the Dependency Party, The American people vs. Collectivist Government, Good vs. Evil, Prosperity vs. Poverty.

  22. The Clandestine Evil Agenda – Socialist, Liberal, Progressive, and collectivist are synonymous terms. They all represent the diabolical delusion of coerced collectivism.

  23. Honest Evil – MSNBC Lawrence O’Donnell described all liberals, progressives, and collectivists when he claimed “I am a Socialist”. Socialism is synonymous with coerced collectivism.

  24. The FFFFACTS Lose – The FFFACTS are losing America to the collectivist Dependency Party because of social issues, Abortion and Gay Marriage, that should be conceded.

  25. Conservatives, Liberals & Libertarians – The three ideologies of America and the strife they instill. Only the Libertarians, who’s beliefs most resemble reality, are cowards.

  26. Campaign Financing – The influence of money on politicians is protected free speech but leads to corruption.

  27. Renewable Energy Policy – Oil, Coal, Nuclear, who needs them. Corn and Water? Energy is, and always will be abundant.

  28. Clean Environment – Everyone wants one and it doesn’t require global collectivism to achieve. It’s an affordable reality with incentive, not government.

  29. Animal Rights – The spirit within the animal is energy that cannot be eliminated. But does that spirit want to be here?

  30. Voting Abuse – Voting in America is abused by WILFs.

  31. Democratic Party Voters – The Dependency Party is financially destroying America’s future.

  32. Political Correctness = Political Collectiveness – Only collectivists try limit speech in order to shape the debate.

  33. Media Candidate Endorsements – A “news” paper endorses a political candidate? Asinine!

  34. Eliminate American Media Bias – Eliminate media bias by asking three questions: 1. Do you get a government check that’s not a tax return? 2. Who did last vote for president? 3. What percentage of your income do you give to charity?

  35. Biased News Pundits – The bias of political pundits and celebrities is about their “persona”, not the cause.

  36. Exposing Rich-Liberal-Hypocrites – It’s not what they say it’s what they give.

  37. Don’t Care, Don’t Vote – If we don’t understand or care, don’t vote. It’s selfish to do otherwise.

  38. The Next Generation – Instruct the next generation with two options; individual responsibility or government dependency. One will save America the other will bankrupt it.

  39. What Students Need – The FFFFACTS is first book that ALL American 9th grade students should be required to read.

  40. Canada’s Top Ten – Canada’s top ten list of America’s stupidity… If the Canadians are laughing, we are indeed a joke.

  41. The Final FFFACTS – We hold these truths to be self-evident, The FFFFACTS are established by the Founding Fathers for the sake of the American Children.

  42. Top Irrefutable FFFACTS