You and I just died… We didn’t see it coming. We were just standing on the same street corner when the car careened out of control and crushed us both to death.

It’s impossible to adequately describe the intense process of dying but immediately one thing becomes crystal clear; the human conscious-soul DOES live on after we die! The debate has been settled. There IS life after death. The skeptics are wrong, dead wrong. The two of us are now irrefutable proof because now that we’re dead, we’re more alive than ever.

Testimonial “You opened up my eyes to different ways of looking at things – I strongly believe fate put you in my path so I could use this new perspective shift to handle the obstacles that have come my way.”  Carrie Gauthier- Seattle WA

Having left our corpses behind, it seems our conscious-souls have become two orbs of light, alone but still telepathically together, just floating through space. In the distance, the entire earth is visible with its glowing blue atmosphere slowly spinning through the darkness. The sun can be seen peeking over the horizon illuminating just a sliver of the planet where over 107 billion human beings, with conscious-souls just like ours, have at one time or another lived their lives.

The Facts – When we die, not only does our conscious-soul more alive than ever but the veil of uncertainty is lifted. We no longer suffer from the confusion we wrestled with as human beings. We are now totally enveloped with unimpeded wisdom. And this new unbridled understanding is presented to us with the crystal clarity and irrefutable certainty recognized as “the facts”.

This new understanding of the facts will simplify all human lives because they simplify and explain everything mortals need to know in order to attain complete peace within and without.

Truth – In the spiritual world, the facts are derived from what’s called self-evident truth. It’s a divine truth. As a human being on earth, our conscious-soul is accustomed to a “subjective truth”. Subjective truth is based on our own perceptions of reality base on our earthly experiences. It’s why we disagree on most things. In the spiritual realm, all truth is self-evident truth.

Selfishness – The facts and truth presented are not the hodgepodge of confusion that we are accustom to on earth, but rather they’re isolated to just that of the single most influential, and detrimental, component of human life on planet earth: Selfishness. The only facts that matter in this new realm are the truth that isolate and identify “selfishness”.

Truth about Selfishness – The truth about “selfishness” might appear narrow in scope to human beings on earth but in the spiritual realm it’s all that matters and makes perfect sense. Everything in perceivable existence as a human being is invariably tied to the degree of selfishness on the planet. Right and wrong, rich and poor, good and evil, fair and unfair, etc., these distinctions are all derived from the degree of selfishness within the human conscious-soul on planet earth.

Here’s a synopsis understanding of how the truth about selfishness lead to the facts. The list below is just bullet-points that capture the essence of the facts without the justification at this time. The irrefutable proof that substantiates these facts is provided in abundance throughout the rest of the book.
Note! Not one fact presented in this list can be refuted with evidence. That’s because these facts are supported with self-evident truth. As a human being on planet earth, we are incarcerated by our own subjective truth so we might disagree or not understand these facts at the outset. Don’t let that deter any of us. We will all soon understand clearly without exception.

The Facts

Life’s a lucid dream – When we die, the energy that constructed our human body, those protons, neutron, and electrons that makes our atoms, remains with the earth but the “divine” energy that makes our conscious-soul moves on to a new spiritual realm. This creates a heightened form of consciousness. This heightened state makes it crystal clear that as human beings on earth, we are not totally conscious. Throughout or life as a human being, we do not have total consciousness and life as we experience it is nothing but a lucid dream. A dream constructed of energy and filtered through our minds as a perception of reality.

Love, Light, and Life – This new realm does not consist of the type of energy that we are accustom to on earth but rather energy best described as a positive energy consisting of selfless love, light, and life, and negative energy consisting of selfish fear. It’s obvious there’s a source of the energy, we can both feel it. The energy is alive, intelligent, and undoubtedly derived from the omnipotent source of a Creator.

The Creator is energy – The unmistakable presence of the Creator makes us think of one of Einstein’s more famous observations: “There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle”. As two orbs enveloped in the living energy of the Creator, we can clearly see what an astute observation that was because most certainly, everything is indeed a miracle.