Why the FACTS Rhetorical Rebellion?

Answer:  To help our liberal friends understand, even though the Fake News Media tells you differently, most all Americans also want equal rights, to foster tolerance, save the planet, great education, and all of the other altruistic objectives you treasure. We just adamantly disagree on how to accomplish these objectives. Big-government is always the problem, and history has proven, it will never be the solution.

Alas, we are a nation divided because of one Donald J. Trump. Right? Or, could it be the prophecy of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” has come to fruition?

Could it be that the #1 enemy of the American people, the corrupt Fake News Media, is controlled by Big Brother’s evil leftists? As such, these self-serving demons are propagating a selfish liberal ideology of which our WILFs (Willfully Ignorant Lost Friends) have succumb? Could it be that deep in the deceptive delusion of pseudo-sanctimony, WILFs across our great nation have accepted the fake narrative and now seek to destroy the people’s president, Trump, and return power back to the Washington Establishment Deep-State?

What are The FACTS?    Based on the book, “Finding Answers that Confirm Truth about Selfishness”, the FACTS are a new narrative that puts the FACTS back into the American political discourse. Doing so exposes the egregious selfishness within the liberal Ideology and identifies the evil leftists within the #1 enemy of the American people, the Fake News Media.

What is The Rhetorical Rebellion?   A social network uprising of American patriots, armed with the new FACTS narrative, with the sole intent of rhetorically destroying the #1 enemy of the American people: The Fake News Media.

Why?   70 years ago in his book “Animal Farm”, author George Orwell presented an ominous warning that if evil-selfishness can successfully create a pseudo-sanctimonious Fake News narrative, big-government tyranny is soon to follow. That day has arrived in America.

Today, over half of America’s potential voters belief the Fake News narrative to be true. This not only makes the Fake News Media the #1 enemy of the American people, it’s now imperative that they be exposed and defeated.

Join the FACTS Rhetorical Rebellion.

Why financially support
The FACTS Rebellion?

There in no organization in the world right now that’s more worthy of your financial contribution than The FACTS. Also, there are no words more important than those you are reading at this moment. Why?

Because the future of America depends on the FACTS succeeding. If it doesn’t, America will be lost to the deception of the Fake News narrative and the diabolical corruption of the Washington Deep-State.

That’s an audacious statement. Here’s why.

The narrative has been lost. It’s that simple. Without The new FACTS Narrative, truth will never again be a reliable part of our political discourse.

Over 70 years ago, author George Orwell warned the world how a narrative can be manipulated in his book “Animal Farm”. And subsequent to that, he follow up with “1984 depicting exactly what the catastrophic result would be if the people, the governed, were ever to lose the narrative.

Did the world, much less America, heed his warning? Of course not. In FACT, most American’s have never read his books. And without sounding presumptuous or crass, most of you reading these words right now have not read his books.

That’s why we’ve lost the narrative. Most Americans are “willfully ignorant” and thus Orwell’s ominous warning of tyranny is now becoming a reality in America.

I’ve spent the last 7 years of my life researching and writing The FACTS and I know for certain, without roping the American public into a new narrative that contains a common foundation for understanding like (Animal Farm), self-evident truths of which we can’t deny (The US Constitution), and a rational set of FACTS that can not be distorted (The New Narrative), the horrifying dystopia depicted in Orwell’s books is but a forgone conclusion.

Why would this calamity in America be inevitable? Because planet earth is infested with evil. That’s proven as the FACTS conclude this evil manifests itself on planet earth through human selfishness. Governments, and state sponsored religions, around the world are inundated with this evil selfishness. In FACT, we don’t have to look beyond the Deep-State Washington Establishment and the complicit within the Fake News Media to find rampant leftist evil.

Want examples?

  • Today, as we bask in our American freedom, countries of which we are amiable have their people enslaved. Pure unadulterated, evil slavery. The deprived people of North Korea experience the EXACT dystopia depicted in Orwell’s “1984”. They live in constant fear with a diabolical Big Brother listening and killing for dissenting thought.

  • Equally as egregious, but more accepted as the norm, the people of communist countries like China (Hong Kong freedom protesters?), Russia, and many middle eastern nations are enslaved. They’re enslaved by Big Brother in a nightmare dystopia. They live in constant fear of the though-police without the legal due-processes we take for granted here in America.

Here in America, within the Deep-State Washington Establishment, and the complicit in the Fake News Media.

  • The concocted allegations against justice Brett Kavanaugh was pure evil perpetrated by selfish leftist and the Fake News Media.

  • The Russian Collusion Hoax was evil leftist treason. A 100% false narrative enacted by a corrupt Fake News Media.

  • The new impeachment scam is nothing but selfish deep-state demons using Fake News fiction to cling to ill-gotten power.

Need I go on? Where are our liberal friends on these causes? What’s they haven’t read Orwell’s books?

Who ever controls the narrative, controls the beliefs of the WILFs (Willfully Ignorant Lost Friends) in America. Because of that, those of us that understand the FACTS have lost our ability to compel based on reason. We are instead compelled ourselves to defend insidious allegations, like Russian collusion, grounded in nothing but deception.

So what are we to do?

Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. The Narrative – Because selfish leftists control academia, the media, Hollywood, news papers, and now Facebook and Twitter, do you really believe that truth will ever reassert itself?

  2. The Deep-State – With the two-tiered justice system within the Washington establishment, do you really believe we will ever see justice for leftists Deep-State criminals like Hillary Clinton?

  3. The Corruption – With the Republican party, its bastion of Never-Trumpers, and arguably Trump’s greatest adversary, do you truly believe that they will commit to Trump’s re-election in 2020?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions you unfortunately are a WILF and exemplify why we need the FACTS. Though you are unaware, your views are a product of the Fake News narrative.

So what’s the plan?

Join The FACTS Rhetorical Rebellion! We can overtake the Fake News Media and put actual FACTS back into the political narrative!

  1. The New FACTS Narrative – There is one all-powerful word that must be included in the semantics describing anything related to the Liberal Agenda: Selfishness. The FACTS acronym also includes other rhetorically powerful words like “Answers” “Confirm” and Truth”. These words, especially “selfishness” must be used because they’re accurate, effective, and the only way to supersede the Fake News narrative.

  2. Social Networking and advertising – Hire an army of internet marketing gurus. Of course, Google and Facebook will attempt to hinder our efforts to social network for free. However, they will certainly take the money when we advertise.

  3. Fundraising – Nothing worthwhile comes for free in America. We will need donations or funding to create the right organizational structure required to succeed.

What’s the new slogan of the new FACTS narrative?

“Anyone, regardless of color, crotch, or creed, who apposes the Trump agenda to “Drain the Corrupt Washington Swamp” is diabolically selfish and an imminent danger to individual freedom in America and around the world”

We got this! Join today.

Are we selfish?

“Evil manifests itself on planet earth through human selfishness. Human selfishness is exhibited by any words or actions, with malice or not, that curtails the faith (life), freedom (liberty), or fortune (the pursuit of happiness) of another human being. Thus, selfishness is, and will always be, the lone cause of the world’s tribulation.

Are we selfish? Get the FACTS!

Join the FACTS Rhetorical Rebellion!

Eliminate the Newspeak Fake News narrative in simple organized steps:

#1 Airports & Public Media: We demand equal time! We own these entities. Why would we not have competing narratives in Airports and public radio & TV? 

Only the corrupt or selfish would appose this.

#2 College Campus:  Voter Turnout Campaign – One Question, “Have you read George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” recently? Didn’t Read? Don’t Vote!

Only the corrupt or selfish would appose this.

#3 Academic & Media – New Government Regulation: All public paid teachers/professors and public entrusted news anchors/reporters/journalists that claim “objectivity” must wear lapel pin disclosing the party for whom they last voted.

Only the corrupt or selfish would appose this.

#4 Social Networks – Correct Deep-State Newspeak Terms. Change these deceptive newspeak terms back to the accurate assessment of the action.


  • “Public Service” to “Government Employment”

  • “Conspiracy Theory” to “Corruption Discovery”

  • “Classified Information” to “Government Deception”

  • “Racist” to “Non-Liberal”.

“Anyone, regardless of color, crotch, or creed, who apposes the Trump agenda to “Drain the Corrupt Washington Swamp” is diabolically selfish and an imminent danger to individual freedom in America and around the world”

Only the corrupt or selfish would appose this.

#5 Our Friends – Give all liberals a FREE coffee cup. One side it reads “Government is the problem, not the solution”. The other side it reads Protecting the environment, gay rights, abortion, education, and every other altruistic idea you have in your sanctimonious head, does not require electing evil big-government leftists to accomplish… You’re welcome”.

Only the corrupt or selfish would appose this.

#6 Legislation – Eat the forbidden fruit! Entitlements! Most of the federal budget, and the national debt, are public-sector entitlements. These are IOUs government employees have written to themselves. What? They created the mess in America, yet gave themselves a fat pension? Every proposed spending or tax increase comes ONLY from these funds.

The War: Trump vs. Fake New Media, Leftists, Republican Establishment, and the WILFs!
FACT! Today, the political battle in America is now irrefutably between Trump and his less-government supporters vs. the diaboical Fake News Media, demonic leftists, RINOS, and their selfish, socialism-supporting liberal WILFs. Join the FACTS Rebellion!
What’s the FACTS Rebellion?
A coordination of ALL freedom-protecting Trump supporters to agree and adhere to ONE single FACTS narrative:
“Anyone, regardless of color, crotch, or creed, who apposes the Trump agenda to “Drain the Corrupt Washington Swamp” is diabolically selfish and an imminent danger to individual freedom in America and around the world”
With a coordinated, consistent, adherence to this single FACTS narrative, we can supersede the deceptive Fake News narrative, pigeon-hole the corrupt Republican Never-Trumpers, and guarantee a Trump victory in 2020!
Join the FACTS Rebellion today!

The FACTS: Finding Answers that Confirm
Truth about Selfishness

What is The FACTS Rebellion?

The “FACTS” is a new narrative rhetorically positioned to expose evil selfishness within the liberal ideology.
The “Rebellion” is patriotic Americans exposing the evil selfishness within the Fake News Media and reinstating actual FACTS back into the political discourse.
Based on the soon to be released book by Matt Tronnier, The FACTS: Finding Answers that Confirm Truth About Selfishness, the new FACTS narrative will supersede the deceptive liberal propaganda machine, the rebellion will identify and isolate the selfish leaders of the liberal ideology, and the “Truth about Selfishness” will ultimately indict, prosecute, and convict the corrupt leftist empire.
With the financial support of you and other Trump supporters around the world, we’ll assemble a team of patriots to access the latest technology, analytics, and social networking options to reintroduce the FACTS back into political discourse.

Do you believe that selfish government is the cause of America’s problems, not the solution? Then please contribute to the FACTS Today!

Why would anyone continue to donate money to Washington-establishment Republican political-hacks like Mitt Romney & the Never-Trumpers? Didn’t they capitulate to leftists (Hillary locked up yet?) while amassing $22 trillion in debt for our children?

The FACTS for Trump 2020!

Should I contribute to the FACTS?
Contributing to the FACTS is not about charity. We are not tax-exempt. Today, we are a small group of dedicated patriots that have committed our livelihood to fighting for American liberty and assisting Donald Trump.
The FACTS is a mission, a mission to expose liberal selfishness and return America to the taxpaying people. But that’s not all…
  1. Jobs – It’s about creating jobs. (For every $3,000/month donated, we hire another patriot to work full-time exposing liberal selfishness)
  2. Facing Evil – It’s about saving this country from diabolically selfish leftists like Hillary Clinton and her DNC cronies.
  3. Trump – It’s about taking-off-the-gloves to fight for the first president since Ronald Reagan to truly champion the American people, at the expense and demise of the corrupt Washington Establishment.
  4. Fake News – It’s about exposing an evil Fake News Media that have insidiously abused the privilege of disseminating information for the American public.
  5. America – It’s about the American dream, and how corrupt government destroys that dream. It’s about America the beautiful, the last bastion of freedom, the world’s envy, and how she’s under attack by hateful leftists supported by an army of pseudo-sanctimonious liberal WILFS.
Donate only what you can, but always, YOUR FAMILY COMES FIRST!
Can’t donate? Can you help? We need: Web Developers, Internet Marketers, Writers, or anyone with connections, etc. Contact us!