FFACT - There are ONLY Two Political Forces

America is divided by ONLY Two Political Forces: The Dependency Party and those the FFACTS…

We can agree…
The true political war in America is NOT the array of Democrat and Republican ideals and the noise in between, it’s the fiscal Armageddon between the Dependency Party (Government) and theFFACTS (Taxpayers) for the money (…)

Should You Join theFFACTS?  Yes!

The Mission: To educate the next generation with theFFACTS and protect their financial future and freedoms by running Libertarians in Democratic Party primaries.

Check out this MUST-WATCH Video “It’s ALL about the MONEY”.


Why Join theFFACTS?

  1. We are losing the fiscal war: The true political war in America is between the Dependency Party (Government – the Public Sector) and theFFACTS (Taxpayers – the Private Sector) for the Holy Grail of power: Money. And theFFACTS is losing… badly.  TheFFACTS can win the fiscal war by running Libertarians in Democratic Party primaries.
  2. TheFFACTS is divided: Today’s opposition to The Dependency Party (the Republicans, Libertarians, and the Tea Party, etc.) are divided because of social issues and military spending.  We all call for fiscal responsibility in unison, but our philosophical differences and priorities diminish our unity.  The Dependency Party marginalizes our unified call for fiscal-responsibility by exploiting and individually attacking our philosophical differences. TheFFACTS unites us for a single cause of running Libertarians in Democratic Party primaries.
  3. The Dependency Party is united: Today’s big tax and spenders are united on social issues, i.e. the environment, abortion, same-sex marriage, immigration, the wealth disparity, etc. This unity enables them to win the independent social battles leading to victory in the fiscal war.  TheFFACTS can divide The Dependency Party on fiscal issues by running Libertarians in Democratic Party primaries.
  4. It’s too late to win the vote: Over 50% of Americans are now government dependants (meaning they get a government check that’s not a tax refund). This is the crowning achievement of the Dependency Party. These Americans now pose an insatiable force that can not be reasoned with, persuaded, or appeased.  They must be stopped. And because of their sheer numbers, that’s highly unlikely to happen at the ballot box alone. TheFFACTS can overcome the voter odds by running Libertarians in Democratic Party primaries.
  5. We have the ultimate weapon: Government bureaucracies, inherently corrupt by their nature, will never peacefully concede to the people. The U.S. Constitution is America’s only hope to curtail government growth. It was written for the sole purpose of limiting the size and scope of the federal government.  We must amend that all-powerful document to also include a spending cap.  The ONLY way to stop the unbridled growth of government dependencies, is to constitutionally limit that government’s ability to tax and spend. TheFFACTS can stop the bureaucratic machine by running Libertarians in Democratic Party primaries.
  6. Government will be well-funded and accountable: A constitutionally-mandated spending cap will invariably lead to balanced budget and ultimately a surplus of money in the Private Sector. It will immediately create an efficient, accountable government because politicians are forced to solve problems rather than perpetuate them by throwing more money their way. Politicians are forced to propose new spending only if offset by spending cuts.  The ‘result’ will now be the measuring stick of government programs rather than the ‘intent’. TheFFACTS can create government accountability by running Libertarians in Democratic Party primaries.
  7. New Private Sector opportunity will abound: The Private Sector, which is the source of ALL revenue in America, will invariably grow when government takes less. This was proven by JFK and Reagan. Leaving surplus money in the Private Sector, creates more jobs, opportunity, and prosperity for all.   In addition, as government becomes smaller and more efficient, those displaced Public Sector employees can now move to the Private Sector, both lowering Public Sector expense and increasing the Private Sector tax base. A win-win situation for all.  TheFFACTS will make America the land of opportunity for all with Private Sector growth of historical proportions by running Libertarians in Democratic Party primaries.
  8. The United States children win: The Dependency Party is destroying the American future for our children.  The insatiable growth of government is not sustainable, just like over-spending isn’t for individuals, families, and Private Sector entities having to live within their means. As a society, we (the United States) have to stop the madness before it is too late. The Resistance can save America before it’s too late by running Libertarians in Democratic Party primaries.

Either you’re part of the problem or you’re part of the solution.

Join theFFACTS today!



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