The Truth
about Selfishness


You and I just died… We didn’t even know each other. We were just standing on the same street corner when the car careened out of control and crushed us both to death.

Death is a very strange way to meet one another but one thing’s now crystal clear to us both. The human conscious-soul DOES live on after we die! There’s no more debate about that because the two of us are now living, verifiable proof! The human spirit lives on.

Life after death –  Dead but still alive, it seems we’ve become two orbs of light, completely alone, just floating through space. Turns out when we die, our human body is discarded but our conscious-soul lives on as pure energy. It’s not energy like that on earth but rather energy best described as that of love, light, and life. It’s incredible!

The view – In the distance, the entire earth is visible with its glowing blue atmosphere slowly spinning through the darkness. The sun can be seen peeking over the horizon illuminating just a sliver of the planet where over SIX BILLION human beings just like us make their home.

Something is remarkably different though. Instead of a rotating rock with life on top, the earth itself seems to be pure energy. All of the inanimate objects like the continents, volcanoes, and rocks, the entire planet are actually pure energy. The earth is this huge electromagnetic energy sphere slowly crawling its way around another massive energy sphere we call the sun.

The Facts – Not only are we still alive, we are now more conscious than ever. It’s a consciousness that clearly exceeds the consciousness we experience as a human being. Human consciousness now seems like we were sleeping or dreaming during our life and now we have awaken from the slumber.

We have awaken to a new understanding where the curtain of uncertainty has been pulled back for truth to be revealed.

It seems we have awaken to what can only be described to be a divine perspective, an all-knowing perspective. This new divine perspective creates an embellished or intensified understanding where what was complicated now seems to make perfect sense. Similar to the question if there’s “life after death”, we now have answer to that but more so we now have the answers to all of life’s perplexing questions.

The confusion and the opinions are gone and all that remains are the facts.

With the confusion gone, the facts are now crystal clear. Here’s the most important three:

  1. Everything is energy so there is no reality. There is only our perception of reality. Everything in existence is constructed with energy and that energy is always in a state of change. Human build their realities based on the perception of that energy and no two human beings have the same perception.

  2. There at two types of truth.

  3. Human selfishness is a manifestation of evil.

Just energy – Our orbs come to realize that even as human beings, we were still nothing but energy. All that seemed like a solid on earth, like our body, the car that hit us, the earth itself, were all really just a magnificent molecular dance of protons, neutrons, and electrons.

Energy in motion – We didn’t realize that the atoms that built us, and everything else on earth, were always in a constant state of motion so what appeared to be solid, was in fact not solid at all. It was all just energy that bonded together to form the illusion of matter.
So how can something that appears solid actually be energy in motion? It’s all a matter of perspective. Imagine this, if you take a simple proton in any atom and increase it’s size to that of a beach ball, the nearest electron will be over two miles away. Two miles away! That means an atom within a rock, is actually 90% space. And, that electron that is over two miles away is always moving. It’s never in the same place at the same time. So what we see as a solid, like a diamond or a marble, is really just an illusion of solid. It’s a molecular dance in motion that is really nothing but mostly space.

Knowledge – It’s energy that’s alive with love but also filled with answers. Amazing answers that one would think only an omnipotent Creator could provide. Answers that even the most brilliant of human beings would find simply profound, or brilliant. The type of answers that human civilization has been seeking since the beginning of time..


We are one – Also when we die, it seems we become one. That is, now our thoughts are the same or at least intertwined on the same wavelength. We both seem to be an integral part of the same energy field where information flows freely. It’s a electromagnetic grid of some sort and the most complicated questions are simultaneously answered.

Self-evident truth – Answers are presented with what seems to be channel for self-evident truth. Self-evident truth of this type is a truth where it’s seemingly irrefutable but more importantly a truth we recognize that we’ve always known it was true. It’s a truth that was confused by misinformation on earth. To describe it would be that the actual truth makes its way through the fog of deception and misunderstanding to become crystal clear for us to acknowledge. It’s basically God’s truth, or the ultimate in truth.

It’s simplified – This God’s eye view creates the most surreal feeling that we’ve ever experienced. For once in our fast paced crazy life, nothing else is important except this single most incredible moment in time. Our past and future disappear because what was, and what will be, no longer matters or even exists. All that matters now is this incredible view and our new perspective looking down on the living planet below.

Our purpose – While floating free, we inevitably take this supernatural moment contemplate our existence. The realization that we’re still alive and conscious is striking but even more incredible is the clarity of understanding. For once, the elusive meaning and purpose of our human lives comes into perfect focus. We now see our life, and everyone else’s life for that matter, from a whole new perspective, a mountain top perspective, from God’s perspective.

From this perch in space, everything that was unbearable in life now seems so trivial and small. Life’s big dilemmas now seem unsophisticated and simple. For once, the complicated unbearable parts of human existence seems to make complete, rational sense and their purpose is clear.

We’re brilliant – It’s truly an overwhelming experience because of the rate at which life’s most important answers present themselves. But suddenly it all takes form. The multitude of answers begin to line themselves into perfect order with the most important ones first. These most important answers present themselves as “facts”. Life’s most important answers are no longer a scattered mix of opinions, now they’re visible as crystal clear facts.

What’s most important – Some of the most important facts move themselves to the front of the line. It becomes obvious that there are most important variables that apply to everyone seeking purpose on planet earth. With the billions of questions and concerns, the facts regarding the most basic variable in life are the ones that give us the most peace.

Faith, freedom, and finance – Now, the clarity of understanding takes perfect form. These most basic variables, the ones that all of humanity needs for purpose and peace, are faith, freedom, and finance. These three variable might be a strange arrangement of needs but in every part of the world below, these three variables are what every human being needs for perfect inner-peace.

Faith, freedom, and finance also seem to be the variables that others seek to deny. Turns out that attempts to deny others their faith, freedom, or finance is rooted in selfishness. And even more disturbing, human selfishness is the manifestation of evil on planet earth.

The Facts – There’s a strong case to be made that the biblical pace called “Hell” resides within what scientists have discovered as “dark matter”. There’s also a strong case to be made that our solar system resides within that same dark matter. If this is true, then the earth is in hell. This explains why there is so much selfish evil on earth. The place is infested with fricking demons.

Now, there’s also a strong case to be made that our conscious-soul was alive in heaven before we became human beings. In fact, we chose to become human beings so that we could live in hell in order to be humbled and become closer to the Creator of love/light/life.

This means that life is supposed to be hell and it’s how we deal with that difficulty that matters most. Do we complain and blame or do we embrace and embellish? Life is a bitch for all of us. Look around you. 99% of the people on planet earth would trade places with you and assume your plight.

Even the bad is good when you are alive, free, and have the privilege of another day.

Keep the faith my friends 🙂

 Testimonial – “You opened up my eyes to different ways of looking at things – I strongly believe fate put you in my path so I could use this new perspective shift to handle the obstacles that have come my way.”  Carrie Gauthier- Seattle WA