You and I just died… We didn’t see it coming. We were just standing on the same street corner when the car careened out of control and crushed us both to death.

It turns out the process of dying is rather simple. One moment we are human, the next moment we’re not. We just slip painlessly into a whole new realm.

In this new realm, one thing immediately becomes crystal clear; the human conscious-soul DOES live on after we die. From our new perspective, that debate has been settled. The skeptics of life-after-death are wrong, dead wrong. The two of us are dead, but now living proof that the skeptics were sadly mistaken.


Testimonial “You opened up my eyes to different ways of looking at things – I strongly believe fate put you in my path so I could use this new perspective shift to handle the obstacles that have come my way.”  Carrie Gauthier- Seattle WA