The FFFacts!
Wisdom’s simple path to
perfect inner peace!

The FFFACTSThe Purpose: The tattoo on my arm says “Change your mind… Change your life”.

It’s not clear who first came up with this concept but the first time I heard this sequence of words was in a John Mellencamp song; Your Life is Now. In this song, he actually says “change your mind, change “our” lives but the premise is the same. That is, all change begins with a simple thought.

“Change your mind, change your life” is much more profound then understood at first glance. At first glance, it seems clever and somewhat obvious. However, if we look at the idiosyncrasies of the mind, and the ramifications thought on the realities of life, this becomes a statement of absolute brilliance. 

This is what the FFFACTS will explore. The thoughts in our minds and how they impact our lives. In doing so, we will all discover wisdom’s simple path to perfect inner peace.

“Small shifts in your thinking, and small changes in your energy, can lead to massive alterations of your end-result.” ― Kevin Michel, Moving Through Parallel Worlds To Achieve Your Dreams

The FFFACTSWhy read? Literary statistics indicate that I have only three pages to convince you that this is a book you’ll want to continue reading and not quit. This means I only have three pages to pique your interest and to prove to you that this simple book can drastically change your life to a life filled with wisdom and perfect inner peace. That’s a tall order. There are millions of books out there by authors much more capable than me. And of those books, most people read the first three pages and quit. So please read the next three pages with an open mind and try, just try, to recognize the profound wisdom and inner peace you can attain by simply recognizing what the evidence suggests are the FFFacts.

There comes a time when you must choose between turning the page and closing the book. –Josh Jameson

Acronym “FFFacts”

lleviating confusion over truth and selfishness

the fffactsFFFactsfacts/noun
1. Self-evident truth regarding faith, freedom, and finance.
2. Eliminates confusion providing peace.

Self-evident – self-ev·i·dent/adjective
1. Not needing to be demonstrated or explained; obvious.
2. Can not be refuted with evidence.

the fffactsConfusioncon·fu·sion/noun
1. Lack of understanding; uncertainty.
2. The state of being bewildered or unclear in one’s mind about something.

1. A thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses.
2. A deceptive appearance or impression: A false idea or belief.

1. An idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder.

Confusion prevents peace.

  • Confusion within – Are you depressed? Are you an alcoholic or addict? Are you angry? Are you simply frustrated with the unfairness of life? Are you frustrated with God? Are you annoyed that people think there’s a God?

  • Confusion with others – Are you fighting with your kids, parents, or neighbors?  Are you amazed at the selfishness of others? Are you frustrated with the greed in the world? 

  • World confusion – Are you concerned about the direction of America? Are you frustrated that others don’t understand or share your political beliefs? Are you concerned about ISIS? Are you appalled by the American Government?

The fffacts - Wisdom's simple path to perfect inner peace

 Testimonial – “You opened up my eyes to different ways of looking at things – I strongly believe fate put you in my path so I could use this new perspective shift to handle the obstacles that have come my way.”  Carrie Gauthier- Seattle WA
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Are you confused? All of the women in the image below recognize the path through confusion to the place of perfect inner peace.

Do you?