You and I just died… We didn’t see it coming. We were just standing on the same street corner when the car careened out of control and crushed us both to death.

It’s hard to adequately describe the intense moment of death but once the surprise is over, one thing becomes crystal clear: The human conscious-soul DOES live on after we die! There’s no more point in debating that topic anymore. The skeptics of life-after-death are wrong, dead wrong, because the two of us are now irrefutable proof.

In the distance, the entire earth is visible with its glowing blue atmosphere slowly spinning through the darkness. The sun can be seen peeking over the horizon illuminating just a sliver of the planet where over six billion human beings just like us make their home.

It seems we’ve become two orbs of light, alone but telepathically together, just floating through space. Turns out when we die, the energy that constructed our human body, the protons, neutron, and electrons that make our atoms, remains with the earth but the “divine” energy that makes our conscious-soul moves on to a new spiritual realm.

Love, Light, and Life – This new realm does not consist of the type of energy that we are accustom to on earth but rather energy best described as a positive energy consisting of selfless love, light, and life, and negative energy consisting of selfish fear. It’s obvious there’s a source of the energy, we can both feel it. The energy is alive, intelligent, and undoubtedly derived from the omnipotent source of a Creator.

The Creator is energy – The unmistakable presence of the Creator makes us think of one of Einstein’s more famous observations: “There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle”.  As two orbs enveloped in the living energy of the Creator, we can clearly see what an astute observation that was. Because most certainly, everything is indeed a miracle.

The Facts – To add to the amazement, when we die, not only does our conscious-soul more alive than ever but the veil of uncertainty is lifted. We no longer see confusion but only understanding. And that clear new understanding is presented to us with crystal clarity as divine “facts”.

Selfishness – These facts are not like the hodgepodge of facts and confusion that we are accustom to on earth, but rather they’re isolated to just that of the single most influential, and detrimental, component of human life on planet earth… Selfishness. The only facts that matter in the spiritual realm are those facts that isolate and identify “selfishness”.

Facts about Selfishness – Facts about “selfishness” might appear narrow in scope to human beings on earth but in the spiritual world it’s simple and makes perfect sense. Everything in perceivable existence as a human being is invariably tied to the degree of selfishness on the planet. Right and wrong, rich and poor, good and evil, fair and unfair, etc., these distinctions are all derived from the degree of selfishness within the human being on planet earth.

Here’s a synopsis understanding of how facts about selfishness are established by the energy in the spiritual realm. This synopsis just bullet-points the essence without the justification at this time.  Rest assured, irrefutable proof about these facts is soon to follow.

The Truth
about Selfishness

The Facts – The universe is alive and was created with intelligent design. Behind all that is, there is a benevolent Creator that is the source of all energy most importantly the positive energy of of light, life, and love.

Fear – Within the positive energy lurks the negative energy of fear and spiritual force called evil. The spiritual force of evil manifests itself on planet earth through the selfishness of the human conscious-soul. It’s you and I that possess and spread this diabolical virus.

Selfishness – By design and purpose of an omnipotent Creator, all human beings are born with the trait of selfishness. Today, that inherent human deficiency has so permeated the fabric of our existence that it shall never be eradicated, just identified and exposed.

Evil – It’s widespread and its effects have been and will continue to be catastrophic on the lives of billions of lives. All of the pain and suffering throughout the history of humanity can be traced to the demonic virus of human selfishness.

Truth – Identifying and isolating evil on planet earth can be accomplished through only one means – learning the Truth about Selfishness.

The claims above are facts. We might disagree with these facts but ALL evidence or discovered wisdom concludes these facts to be true. There is zero evidence, only skepticism, to the contrary.

The Facts – Finding Answers that Clarify Truth about Selfishness.

  • Finding – Navigating the wilderness of misinformation finding how human paradigms are created then accepting the three ways selfishness distorts a human perception of reality.
    • Confusion – Selfishness thrives under the cover of uncertainty.
    • Illusion – Selfishness masks it’s deeds with deception. What seems real is fake.
    • Delusion – Selfishness manipulates the uninformed mind. Some are deprived of truth the others are WILFs (willfully ignorant lost foe) 
  • Answers – Answers are established by  understanding the true purpose of human life and how selfishness stymies that goal.
    • Faith – The ability to proclaim the truth.
    • Freedom – The ability to seek fulfillment. The conscious-soul longs to be free.
    • Fairness – Life as a human being was never intended to be fair. Selfishness exploits that unfairness.
    • Finance – The ability to accomplish individual independence.
  • Clarify – Separate selfish human initiative from divine selfless initiative.
  • Truth – Separating fact (self-evident truth) from fiction (subjective truth).
    • Self-evident truth – Divine perception of reality. Irrefutable truth based not on words but on demonstrable action.
    • Subjective truth – Our own perception of reality. A truth in one paradigm is false in another.
  • Selfishness – The means in which negative selfish evil manifests itself on planet earth. Selfishness manifests itself on earth through two means:
    • Contrived-Compassion – Creating self-gratification by fostering the illusion of concern for others with disregard for the detrimental ramifications to all.
    • Coerced-Collectivism – Creating self-gratification by forcing others to conform to the contrived-compassion of a political class.

These are the facts that exceed most human understanding because they are divine. Once must die, as we have done, to see them clearly. With that general understanding, our orbs continue our journey through life-after-human-death.

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Everything else is energy too – As we gaze in amazement at out magnificent home planet, something is remarkably different. Instead of a rotating dead rock with life on top, the earth itself is made of pure energy. All of the inanimate objects like the continents, mountains, and skyscrapers are actually pure energy. They are alive and in a constant state of change. Turns out the earth is this huge electromagnetic energy sphere slowly crawling its way around another massive energy sphere we call the sun.

Energy in motion – All that seemed like solid matter on earth, like our body, the car that hit us, and the earth itself, are all really just a magnificent molecular dance of protons, neutrons, and electrons. It could be considered dancing but it’s more like a mosh pit! 

It seems that only the physicists realized that the atoms that built us, and everything else on earth, were always in a constant state of motion. This means that what appeared to be solid, was in fact not solid at all. It was all just energy that bonded together to form the illusion of matter.

But how can something that appears solid actually be energy in motion?

It’s all a matter of perspective. First, the atom is very, very small and human beings are very big by comparison. In fact, a trillion atoms fit inside a pin head. Withing the atom is a nucleus. The nucleus is very, very small so by comparison the atom seems big. Very big. In fact, a trillion nucleus can fit inside the atom.

Inside the nucleus, there are protons and neutrons which give the atom its mass. The perimeter or edge of the atom is provided by “energy in motion” or what we call the electrons. These electrons are separated from the nucleus by a massive amount of space. This is why nothing is actually solid, it’s the illusion of solid. Solids are actually 99.99% space.

Imagine this, if you take a simple proton in any atom and increase it’s size to that of a beach ball, the nearest electron will be over two miles away. That’s two miles away! This means an atom within a rock is actually 99.99% space. And, that electron that is always moving. It’s never in the same place at the same time.

So what we see as a solid, like a diamond or a marble, is really just an illusion of solid. It’s a molecular dance, or mosh pit in motion that is really nothing but mostly space.

There is no reality – The fact that there is no such thing as a solid means there is NO reality. There’s only OUR perception of reality. We perceive the energy and space around us and that creates our unique perception of reality.

We continue to gain knowledge – As we’ve discovered, divine energy is alive with love, light, and life but also filled with answers. All the correct answers to life’s questions yet all derived from the ramifications of selfishness on earth. Obvious answers to life’s most perplexing questions that one would think only an omnipotent Creator could provide.  The type of answers that human civilization has been seeking since the beginning of time and now you and I have them all.

We are now one – We’ve discovered when we die we become one. That is, now our thoughts are the same or at least intertwined. We have a telepathic capability where we communicate without speaking on the same wavelength. We are both now an integral part of the same energy field where information flows freely and the questions are simultaneously answered.

Image result for truth self evidentSelf-evident truth – Divine answers are presented with what seems to be channel for self-evident truth. Self-evident truth of this type is a truth where it’s seemingly irrefutable but more importantly a truth we recognize that we’ve always known it was true. It’s a truth that was confused by misinformation on earth. To describe it would be that the actual truth makes its way through the fog of deception and misunderstanding to become crystal clear for us to acknowledge. It’s the Creator’s truth, or the ultimate in truth.

It’s peaceful – It’s the most surreal feeling that we’ve ever experienced but it’s also perfect peace. For once in our fast paced crazy life, nothing else is important except this single most incredible moment in time. Our past and future disappear because what was, and what will be, no longer matters or even exists. All that matters now is this incredible view and our new perspective looking down on the living planet below.

Our clear purpose – While floating free, we take this supernatural moment contemplate our own existence. The realization that we’re still alive and conscious is striking but even more incredible is the clarity of purpose. For once, the elusive meaning and purpose of our human lives comes into perfect focus. We now see our life, and everyone else’s life for that matter, from a whole new perspective, a mountain top perspective, from the Creators’s perspective.

From this perch in space, everything that was unbearable in life now seems so trivial and small. Life’s big dilemmas now seem unsophisticated and simple. For once, the complicated unbearable parts of human existence seems to make complete, rational sense and their purpose is clear.

We’re brilliant – It’s truly an overwhelming experience because of the rate at which life’s most important answers present themselves. But suddenly it all takes form. The multitude of answers begin to line themselves into perfect order with the most important ones first. As these most important answers present themselves, life’s most important answers are no longer a scattered mix of opinions, now they’re visible as crystal clear facts.

The Facts – Now more alive than ever, we are experiencing a consciousness that clearly exceeds the consciousness we experience as a human being. Human consciousness now seems like we were sleeping or lucid dreaming during our life. And now we have most definitely awaken from the slumber!

We have awaken to a new understanding where the curtain of uncertainty has been pulled back for truth to be revealed.

We have awaken to what can only be described to be a divine or an all-knowing perspective. This new all-knowing perspective creates an embellished or intensified understanding where what was once complicated as a human being now seems to make perfect sense. We now have the answers to ALL of life’s perplexing questions. The confusion and the opinions are gone and all that remains are the Facts.

With the uncertainly gone, millions of facts are now crystal clear. Here are the most obvious observations:

  1. There is no reality Everything, everything in existence is simply energy so there is no reality. There is only a human being’s interaction with that energy and that creates our perception of reality. This energy is also always in a constant state of change. Human beings build their perceptions of reality based on their interaction with that constantly-changing energy over the course of their life to that point. So, inevitably no two human beings have the same perception of that energy.

  2. All energy is love or fear – There is positive energy of love and negative energy of fear. There’s a heaven within the love and a hell within the fear.
  3. There is a Creator All that is and ever was has been created with intelligent design. The Creator is the source of all energy but manifests itself on earth through the positive energy of love.
  4. There is evil – Evil manifests itself on earth through the negative energy of human selfishness.
  5. There is a Heaven and Hell – Hell resides in what scientists have discovered as “Dark Matter”. The earth is within the dark matter which means it is in hell. This explains the infestation of evil and human selfishness on earth. Heaven is everywhere that is not Dark Matter.
  6. There at two types of truth: 1. Self-evident – the divine truth. 2. Subjective – Individual human perceptions of reality.

 Testimonial – “You opened up my eyes to different ways of looking at things – I strongly believe fate put you in my path so I could use this new perspective shift to handle the obstacles that have come my way.”  Carrie Gauthier- Seattle WA